Liver Cancer

Liver cancer treatment in Delhi, India

Liver cancer treatment in Delhi, India is easy and cost effective. Once the problem is diagnosed, a team of healthcare professionals, include surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, gastroenterologist and other experts would review the stage of the cancer and would offer treatment accordingly. The successful treatment of the disease is surgery, but other options such as radio frequency ablation, chemoembolization or alcohol (ethanol) injections are also available. Depending on your situation and the stage of the disease, you may have different types of doctors on your Liver cancer treatment in India. Tests to diagnose the liver cancer treatment include:

  • Liver Biopsy

  • Blood tests

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

  • Computed Tomography (CT) Scan

Liver Cancer

The cancer of the liver is also well-known as primary or metastasis liver cancer is a moderately rare form of cancer in the Western world (1% of all cancers), but much more common in Africa and in portions of Asia (10% to 50% of all Cancer). It is much more common in males and the frequency upsurges with age. The cancer of the liver is speedily fatal, typically within 6 months of the gastro-intestinal bleeding, liver failure or metastases.

Types of cancer

Maximum primary tumors of the liver are acknowledged under the name hépatomes (primary and hepatozellulärem cancer less than cancer cells). Some main schools cancer of the liver are the bile ducts and these are recognized under the name cholangiomas. Some rare cancer of the liver cells and encompasses Chuffer hepatoblastomas sarcoma (which is almost exclusively in children and is typically curable and substantial). Métastatique, cancer of the liver is 20 times more often than primitive cancer of the liver and cirrhosis, it is the first form of liver death.

Signs and symptoms

The cause cancer of the liver, not the symptoms usually until it is at a progressive stage. The clinical effects of advanced cancer of the liver consist of:

  • 1st The mass in the right upper portion.

  • 2nd Offers, nodular on the palpation of the liver

  • 3rd The discomfort in the upper-right corner

  • 4th Weight loss, loss of hunger, weakness, fever

  • 5th Exclusive series jaundice or asides (fluid in the stomach)


The precise cause of liver cancer in adults is unidentified in children, but it might be a hereditary disease. In adults, it can be as a result of environmental exposure to carcinogens such as mold, contrast (no longer in operation), the androgens and estrogens, oral, hepatitis B or impairment to the liver because of cirrhosis, instigated by excessive imbibing of alcohol.


The cancer of the liver is challenging to diagnose in the presence of liver cirrhosis, but some attempts can help to categorize the combination of a study of imaging (ultrasound, CT or MRI) and a high blood-alpha fetoprotein the efficiency of cancer diagnosis Liver, electrolyte studies show at retention of sodium, a biopsy of the liver, a final analysis.

Liver cancer and its treatment in India

If you are searching a hospital or an institute to get liver cancer treatment in Delhi, India, it may be a tough task for foreigners. Viezec helps international and domestic patients with the help of highly qualified medical staffs and internationally accredited hospitals. With a network of healthcare service providers, Viezec guides patients for the entire process, from the moment a patient enters India until the end of his/her liver cancer treatment in India. A translator is also provided to the patient in order to establish communication with doctors and other healthcare staffs. Visa assistance is also provided after receiving the passport details of the patient and attendants.

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