Cornea Transplantation in Delhi, India

Cornea Transplantation

Ophthalmology is a medical division of science which copes with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases or sicknesses related to the eye, vision, lacrimal gland and apparatus and also the eyelids. Cornea Transplantation in India is also known as Corneal Grafting, it is surgical procedure where the diseased cornea is replaced by graft. When the cornea is replaced this procedure is called penetrating Keratoplasty.

Types of Eye Surgery Treatment

    • Intraocular Lens Implant Surgery
    • Cataract and Glaucoma
    • Childhood Visual Pathway Glioma
    • Central Retinal Vein Occlusion
    • Lamellar Keratoplasty
    • Retinopathy
    • Corneal Transplantation
    • Scleral Buckling Surgery
    • Canalicular Tear Repair
    • Squint Repair Unilateral
    • Retinal Detachment


What is Cornea Transplantation?

A cornea transplant (Keratoplasty) is a surgical process to substitute part of your cornea with corneal tissue from the donor. Your cornea is a transparent, dome-shaped surface of your eye that comprises a big part of your eye’s concentrating power. A cornea transplant can reestablish vision, lessen pain and improve the appearance of an impaired or diseased cornea. A cornea transplantation in Delhi is most often used to return vision to an individual who has an impaired cornea. This surgery might also relieve pain or any other related signs and symptoms related with diseases of the cornea.

Why should you get treated for Cornea Transplantation?

A cornea transplant is used to restore vision, the person with damaged cornea needs to get back to normal. A cornea transplant may also relieve pain & other signs and symptoms. A number of conditions get treated by the procedure of cornea transplant including:

    • Bulged cornea
    • Thinning of the cornea
    • Swelling of the cornea
    • Clouding of the cornea
    • Corneal ulcers including the one causing infections.
    • Eye surgery complications.


Cornea transplantation hospital in India have a team of experienced and well versed doctors, who are adept at their work and perform all the treatment with careful analysis.

Signs and Symptoms of Cornea Rejection

Body’s immune system sometimes may accidently attack the cornea of the donor. The process of accidental attack is called rejection. This condition may call for transplant.

There are some symptoms that should warn you of the transplant.

    • Redness
    • Sensitivity to light
    • Pain
    • Loss of vision


Cornea Transplantation in India is provided by best hospitals with the help of skilled and experienced doctors, who are adept at their work and hold prowess to provide treatment of befitting nature.

How should you prepare for Cornea Transplant Surgery?

Before Cornea Transplantation treatment in Delhi you will be asked to undergo:

    • Measurement of the eye – the size of the cornea must be measured.
    • Treatment for other eye related issues – infection and inflammation may diminish the chances of cornea transplant. Eye doctor will treat al the related problems prior the surgery so that nothing hinders the process later.
    • Thorough eye examination – this involves doctors looking for conditions that may lead to complications post the surgery.


How do you find a fitting donor for cornea transplantation?

Most corneas used for transplantation come from deceased donors. The organs such as livers and kidneys, people don’t need to indulge in long waiting time. This is mainly because people on death bed wish their cornea gets used for operation and surgery to help other people with their sight. Hence it cuts the time of finding one. Finding a donor use to be difficult in past times, but with growing awareness people have become more generous and ensure that their important like cornea gets used by someone in need.

 Post Cornea Transplantation Procedure

The Cornea Transplant is concluded and you can expect different things:

    • Several medications – you will be provided eye drops and various other medications to help you heal quicker and get better soon.
    • Eye patch – It can protect your eye and help heal better post the procedure.
    • Safeguard eyes from injury – plan to be swift on yourself. Don’t put too much of stress on your eyes. Let it take slow and heal naturally.
    • Frequent examinations – examinations followed by surgery and even after, helps keep a check on the treatment after effects. This ensures that no side effects occur or affect the eye functioning.


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