Pterygium Removal Treatment in Delhi, India

What is Pterygium Removal?

A pterygium is a triangular-shaped lump in tissue, which breeds from the conjunctiva (the thin membrane that covers the white portion of the eye) onto the cornea (clear mid portion of the eye). A pterygium can befall in both eyes, typically on the nasal side of the eye. Pterygium removal treatment in India eradicates the abnormal tissue from the cornea and sclera (white of the eye). The surgery comprises of confiscating the pterygium and swapping it with a graft of the tissue, which is bonded well into place. There are no stitches and the process is absolutely painless. Due to the affect of the medicines you have received, you won’t be able to drive yourself home. You may be somewhat blurry from the sedation but you will be given some medicines to provide you ease, should you have any. Viezec, is one of the finest medical service provider across the globe for patients who are eyeing for low cost ophthalmology treatment in India. We have paramount surgeons on board in association with reputed top hospitals in India. Our objective is to guarantee optimum level of customer gratification by rendering top quality treatments at reasonable costs.

Types of Eye Surgery Treatment

    • Intraoccular Lens Implant Surgery
    • Cataract and Glaucoma
    • Childhood Visual Pathway Glioma
    • Central Retinal Vein Occlusion
    • Lamellar Keratoplasty
    • Retinopathy
    • Corneal Transplantation
    • Scleral Buckling Surgery
    • Canalicular Tear Repair
    • Squint Repair Unilateral
    • Retinal Detachment


Pterygium Causes

Pterygium removal treatment in Delhi, India is initiated by plenty of causes.  Ultra violet rays when exposed with no boundaries at an excessively high rate then the cause of it is Pterygia. It is common for people who live in bright sunny areas to suffer from the disease. Other factors that can lead to the disorder or ailment are wind, dust, and chemical and air pollution. Hereditary factors also aid as trigger in some cases. Male are generally more affected by this condition as compared to female.

Signs and Symptoms

There exist plenty of symptoms that point towards the ailment, starting with redness, thickening eye corners. Pterygium removal hospital in India often suggest that it is noted that formation of pterygium is evident but no following signs and symptoms exist of the disease.

    • Gritty and granny feeling in the eye.
    • Foreign object may be felt causing uneasiness in the eye.
    • Eye redness and inflammation.
    • Vision blurring and altering the corneal surface,
    • The growth may encroach upon the pupil, in this case the vision is compromised.



The diagnosis usually happens with assessing the look and appearance of the same. Early stages may be the confusing time, with no much clear symptoms. For an accurate and expert diagnosis the correct person to refer would be an ophthalmologist. The disease may be confused with other similar non cancerous variants. Pterygium Removal treatment in Delhi provided by adept skilled doctors are sure to serve one and all.


The vision correction surgery is a must as this helps ease uneasiness and discomfort of any sort.  Use of eye drops helps greatly reduce the problem of artificial tears. The eye drops help provide lubrication to the eyes. Surgery is recommended in case the vision gets affected. During surgery, pterygium is taken care of with removing it and a section is taken from beneath the eyelid. The surgery is performed utilizing local anaesthesia and takes upto 30 minutes at max to perform. Eye drops and ointment are generally prescribed post the surgery to help prevent any infection and assist. It is possible to recur after the surgical removal.


To prevent Pterygium from forming, or reduce the chances of recurring there are some important measures that need to be taken:

    • Use sunglasses, these will block the ultra violet light.
    • Ensure you wear a hat and sunglasses that have wide brim, to save you from harmful UV rays.
    • Avoid exposure to all irritants that exist in the environment, i.e. dust, smoke, wind, and other chemical pollutants.


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