INTACS Eye Surgery in India and its Cost

Are you suffering from keratoconus, a condition where affected eyes experience symptoms such as ghosting, multiple images, glare, halos, starbursts around lights and blurred vision. The onlt treatment to this problem is INTACS Eye Surgery.Intacs, two tiny, clear crescent-shaped pieces of a plastic polymer, are a medical device for the correction of 1.00 to 3.00 diopters of myopia (nearsighted, shortsighted) and virtually no astigmatism. They are inserted into the eyes through the minimal invasive surgery. People from all over the world prefer India as healthcare cost is very low and ophthalmologists are well equipped with the latest machines and techniques. 

Retinoblastoma/Children with Eye Cancer Treatment in India

Retinoblastoma/children with eye cancer has become a common problem all over the world. The treatment of Retinoblastoma is both expensive and complicated. In India, there are a number of hospitals and eye care centers offering treatment of the disease at cost effective rates. The institutions work with an aim of seeing that every child obtains the best available treatment and care. It disease can be treated through a number of procedures such as Photocoagulation (Laser Therapy), Cryotherapy (Freezing Treatment) and Chemotherapy. A particular method would be decided by your Ophthalmologists. The best option for the treatment of to take out the affected eye and replace it with an artificial one.
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