Retinoblastoma and Intact Eye Surgery in Delhi, India

What are INTACS?

INTACS Intracorneal Rings or Intrastromal Corneal Ring Segments, this helps cure mild Myopia or nearsightedness. Intacs basically are miniscule rings made up of bio compatible material. These are placed in the patients suffering from Keratoconus, these help improve the visual accuracy and the overall topographic images of the patients. The major purpose and use of INTACS Eye surgery in India are to aid as help in reshaping of cornea with causing no trouble to the visual axis. If and when needed, these Intacs can be taken off but these are generally permanently positioned. The thickness of INTACS differ to help assess flattening amount. The key determinant of the vision correction is the flattening amount. The surgery of INTACS is minimally invasive and is used to better and cure any kind of eye disease. It is a pre requisite that there should not exist more than 1 diopter of astigmatism. -1.0 to -3.0 diopters of Myopia is what a must for corneal implants. It is primarily utilized to treat Keratoconus. INTACS Eye Surgery Hospital in Delhi provide the best in class doctors and surgeons.

The right person for INTACS Eye Surgery in India


    • People who do not suffer from high levels of refractive error or experience excessively thin corneas.
    • The ones with healthy eyes.
    • Candidates who are of 21 years or more.
    • Candidates who are dissatisfied from contact lenses experience.
    • Those who wish to ditch their glasses.
    • The people who are mindful that using contact lenses would be required even after surgery.
    • The ones who understand that glasses may be required for a few activities.
    • Intacs exhibit no upper age limit.
    • Candidates who have not experienced any change in the prescription for contact lens in the least one year.


INTACS Procedure

The INTACS eye surgery hospital in India is initiated with numbing the eyes by using anesthetic drops. The surgeon uses speculum in order to stop the eye from blinking. A tiny incision is made in the cornea, this marks as the start of the procedure. The centering guide which is placed on the surface is utilized and the INTACS are inserted, the microscopic tunnels are formulated in the corneal periphery. The surgeon then shuts the opening and can also applies some antibiotic drops. Some people notice vision improvement immediately after the procedure, the whole procedure takes about 60 minutes to conclude. INTACS eye surgery hospital in Delhi offers the best in class treatment and procedure.

Benefits of Intacs

    • The curvature of the cornea isn’t affected by the procedure.
    • About 97% of the population with INTACS hold a driver’s license and don’t require any contact lenses or glasses to carry on daily chores.
    • Vision is improved and the changes can be felt from the very same day..
    • Intacs procedure doesn’t involve any tissue removal.
    • About 50% of the people who suffer from INTACS experience 20/20 vision or even better than that.
    • Prescription flexibility differs.
    • The procedure demands no maintenance unlike contact lenses.


Laser and Intacs
In a laser surgery, permanent reshaping of the cornea takes place. This procedure involves the tissue removal from the very central optical zone. Although certain incisions in the cornea is required, more or less there appears no chances of removal of tissue in Intacs. The tissue once removed cannot be replaced. In case of laser surgery, tissues removed are quiet a few for correcting the vision. While in Intacs, the removal place is the center of new implants.

INTACS Eye Surgery in India and its Cost

Are you suffering from Keratoconus, a condition where eyes experience symptoms such as ghosting, multiple images, glare, halos, starbursts around lights and blurred vision? The only treatment to this problem is INTACS Eye Surgery. In Intacs, two tiny, clear crescent-shaped pieces of a plastic polymer, which is a medical device that is used for the correction of 1.00 to 3.00 diopters of myopia (nearsighted, shortsighted) is used along with virtually no astigmatism. They are inserted into the eyes through the minimal invasive surgery procedure. People from all over the world prefer India as a trusted healthcare center offering very low cost and ophthalmologists are well equipped with the latest useful machines and techniques.

Retinoblastoma/Children with Eye Cancer Treatment in India

Retinoblastoma/children with eye cancer has become a common problem all over the world. The treatment of Retinoblastoma is both expensive and complicated. In India, there are a number of hospitals and eye care centers offering treatment of the disease at cost effective rates. The institutions work with an aim of ensuring that every child obtains the best available treatment and care. The disease can be treated through a number of procedures such as Photo coagulation (Laser Therapy), Cryotherapy (Freezing Treatment) and Chemotherapy. A particular method that would be decided by your Ophthalmologists. The best option for the treatment is to take out the affected eye and replace it with an artificial one.

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