Squint Repair Unilateral Treatment in Delhi, India

Ophthalmology is a branch of healthcare that deals with diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of sickness, diseases, and ailments related with the eyes, vision, and eyelids. From major eye issue to minor glitches all are well taken care of with the help of right treatment. To ensure healthy eyes, consult an ophthalmology for his adept treatment and procedure.

Types of Eye Surgery Treatment

    • Intraocular Lens Implant Surgery
    • Cataract and Glaucoma
    • Childhood Visual Pathway Glioma
    • Central Retinal Vein Occlusion
    • Lamellar Keratoplasty
    • Retinopathy
    • Corneal Transplantation
    • Scleral Buckling Surgery
    • Canalicular Tear Repair
    • Squint Repair Unilateral
    • Retinal Detachment


What is Squint Repair Unilateral?

Squinting or strabismus is the misalignment of the eye which causes diplopia in grown-up patients and amblyopia in kids. This generally occurs owing to the abnormalities of the neuromuscular control of the eye movement or on account of illness of the external ocular muscles. Diverse surgical approaches are incorporated for rectification of residual or recurring strabismus. Squint Repair Unilateral treatment in India is offered by best in class doctors and hospitals. The nature of the operation is such that it can be done after general anesthesia and doesn’t require hours of surgery. During the operation, the doctor either loosens or tightens up the other muscles that make the eye seem straight.

Signs and Symptoms in Children

The sign of squint gets easily detected in the early age. The eyes don’t look straight ahead. Minor squint is less noticeable. Infant and newborns are easily detected with the situation and befitting treatment can be offered well ahead in time. Squint Repair Unilateral Treatment in India ensures signs like double vision and others are noted, these are squint signs.

Causes of Squint

Some people may be born with it, whole others may have acquired it hereditary. The result of illness and long-sightedness may be other causes of it. Due to lesion on cranial nerve. Other problems may include Myopia, Hypermetropia, and astigmatism are other symptoms that may later lead to Strabismus. Squint Repair Unilateral hospital in India offers   the right treatment for the various causes and situations that may lead to squint in future.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Children and kids must get regular eye checks done. If the signs of squint develops the physician or optician will refer to the ophthalmologist. He shines a light in the eye of the patient and observes the light reflection path from the cornea. If the eyes are well to do and healthy with correct sight then the light goes right in the center of the cornea. If it fails to reach middle then this proves patient suffers hypertropia, exotropia, exotropia. Squint Repair Unilateral treatment in Delhi India ensure the correct treatment is offered.

Treatment available

There are different treatments available for the situation and condition to ensure the eyes are out of risk and healthy:

    • Glasses – Long sightedness when leads to squint, gets treated with the right glasses.
    • Worn over good eye, patch can greatly help the eye get better and work better.
    • There are some Botox injected to ensure the eyes work well and don’t lose the adept quality that they boast of. It temporarily weakens the injected muscle and later helps align the eye properly.
    • Eye drops and exercise regularly greatly helps ease the eye condition to manifolds greatly and ensure healthy eyes with right balance.


The exercises include some minor daily steps, hold a pencil and move it between the eyes. Keep moving the pencil while moving it toward the nose, ensure you maintain a single image of it. Hold the pencil closest to the point where the singe image is possible and concentrate on it.

All this and more can greatly help with the situation.

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