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Kidney Transplant Surgery in India

Kidney transplant surgery in India is recommended to a patient whose kidneys have stopped functioning. Kidney transplant is a surgical process of removing the damaged kidneys and placing the healthy kidneys. This process is multifarious in all over the world, but thanks to the Indian healthcare sector as the process is easy and cost effective as well. It is also is called an alive transplant as the donor can stay healthy living by the remaining kidney. Their key function is to carry out work like a filter and eradicate the excess fluid and waste from the blood. If they lose this aptitude, it leads to an amalgamation of liquids and waste in the body, which can be life-threatening.

If you need to have a kidney transplant surgery in India, you must need a donor who donate kidney to you. There are two types of donors who can donate you a kidney: Living Donors and Cadaver Donors. Family members and kinfolks of patient are considered as living donor and other individuals who donate their organs after death are considered as cadaver donors. As per numerous transplant experts, it is intensely recommended to contemplate living donors because waiting for a kidney of cadaver donor might last for years without guarantee. So as to improve such situation numerous kidney transplant hospitals in India and social organizations are running numerous campaigns to improve the numbers of cadaver donors. A kidney of living donor usually lasts for near about 10-20 years, where kidney of cadaver donor lasts for virtually 5-10 years. As per numerous surveys, doctors prefer patients to do transplant before starting the dialysis treatment. This is called preemptive transplantation. Preemptive transplant is worthy for the health of patient as well as good functionality of transplanted kidney. These transplants are typically done from the living donors.

There are a lot of individuals who need organ transplant surgery in India think that they can overlook that by having a dialysis treatment. Yes this is a lifesaving treatment, but it decreases the body function to 10 percent in comparison of a normal kidney. Choosing dialysis treatment for longtime also causes some more serious disease related to heart, bone, and high blood pressure. A successful transplant takes a synchronized effort from your entire health care team, including your nephrologist, transplant surgeon, transplant coordinator. But the most important members of your health care team are YOU and your family. By learning about your treatment, you can work with your healthcare crew to give yourself the most advantageous outcomes, and you can lead a full, active life. There are certain myths which are there about kidney transplantation like transplanted kidney is not virtuous, this procedure is very expensive, it causes numerous diseases and many more, but the truth is totally different. Transplanted organ is seems to be your own kidney, individuals live much healthier and lengthier with transplanted kidney. It improves the quality life of the transplanted individual.

Kidney Transplant Surgery in India via Viezec

Viezec works with JCI accredited hospitals & institutions and their very experienced surgeons. If someone does not find a donor, his/her name may be placed on a kidney transplant waiting list to receive a kidney from a deceased donor. Sometimes, severe problems in kidneys can be removed through medication and proper diet. If despite of these steps your kidneys still unable to filter your blood adequately, you might be a candidate for a kidney transplant. We assure you will get the best Kidney Transplant Surgery in India at economical rates. Some popular causes for kidney disease include:

  • Diabetes

  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure

  • Chronic glomerulonephritis

  • Polycystic kidney disease

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