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Orthopedic problems are common and not something that needs an exclusive reason to occur. These days even children suffer from bone disease and other health related problems. Patients from different ages consider Indian healthcare sector when it comes to orthopedic and joint treatment for their replacement procedure. We are associated with some of the best orthopedic hospitals in India, offering medical treatment by the best orthopedic surgeon in Delhi NCR, which specialize in arthroscopy. They are well equipped with modern facilities and well renowned with capable orthopedic doctors from around the country to deal with trauma recovery, spinal injuries and complicated joint replacement surgery. Our network of healthcare institutions and hospitals are capable enough to offer dedicated treatments in all of the minor and major osteoarthritic issues. The cost of health tourism services for orthopedic treatment is minimal as compared to other countries and the technology used is very high.

An Orthopedic Surgeon in Delhi, India from the best orthopedic hospital in India performs the surgery of musculoskeletal system. The treatment covers a wide range of conditions initiating from minor dislocations and fracture bones to trauma and multiple bone injuries. In addition to all this, sports injuries, joint replacement surgeries and bone conditions are also associated with congenital defects as well as wear and tear which is spotted in old age and is treated with perfection. The super-specialty orthopedic hospitals in India, we are associated with ensure world-class, pain free and evidence-based orthopedic treatment in Delhi for numerous orthopedic disorders and sports injuries. They combine their expertise in the areas of patient-care, clinical research, and academics so as to provide the highest level of specialized services to the patients.

Common orthopedic procedures by our associates

    • Hip Replacement Surgery (Partial or Total)
    • Hip Joint Resurfacing Surgery
    • Knee Replacement Surgery (Partial or Total)
    • Hand Surgery
    • Elbow Surgery
    • Shoulder Surgery
    • Stem Cell Therapy

Hip Replacement Surgery (Partial or Total) 

Patients from Saudi Arabia, UK, Germany, USA, Canada and Australia with serious hip related ailments are flocking to orthopedic hospitals in Delhi, the capital city of India. There are a number of reasons aiding to this movement, including affordable cost at super-specialty hospital and institute. If you are advised for hip replacement surgery whether it is partial or total, contact us. We have our association with the best healthcare institutes offering orthopedic treatment in Delhi, ensuring world class and cost-efficient cure. Where you are supposed to pay 1/4th or sometimes even 10 times less than what you might pay in native countries. The health tourism services for orthopedic treatment, India is almost 1/6th of that in developed countries.

Hip Joint Resurfacing Surgery

Sometimes, you wake up in the morning with throbbing pain in the hip joint. You visit the medical Centre and take medications for it and you are sure to feel better. But the pain has not been eradicated, it was just suppressed, so when you are faced with the same pain again you are forced to visit a hospital. After a series of tests, you are diagnosed with osteoarthritis in the hip joint. In this condition, your healthcare service provider may suggest you to go for hip joint resurfacing surgery. Orthopedic hospitals in Delhi, India are home to known orthopedic surgeons in India who work at multi-specialty hospitals and institutes and are well-versed with their work.

Knee Replacement Surgery (Partial or Total)

Whether your knee is partially damaged or it’s a case of total damage, knee replacement surgery in New Delhi, India is a great option for you. Also known as knee arthroplasty (ARTH-row-plas-tee). The knee replacement surgery (partial or total) is performed by getting rid of the damaged bone and cartilage from your thighbone, shinbone and kneecap and replacing it with an artificial joint manufactured from metal alloys, high-grade plastics and polymers. Knee replacement surgeries at our network of orthopedic hospitals in India are performed by a team of capable and best orthopedic surgeons in Delhi NCR, these dedicated knee replacement surgeons have great understanding of their work, and guarantee 100% results. Being up to date with the latest machines, the institutes and hospitals promise 100% success.

Hand Surgery in New Delhi, India 

Hand surgery, whether it is minor or major, has become a new medical specialty of our country. Viezec shares association with hospitals and institutes that have developed a 24 hour state-of-the-art orthopedic treatment in India, a facility for comprehensive care of hand injuries. Sometimes, hand problems are treated by non-surgical means that include medication, splints, therapy, and injections. If surgery is required for that particular condition, no need to panic as Indian hospitals and institutes have the best surgeons that extend their services at a competitive price. The main goal of treating hand conditions is to improve the quality of life of patients who suffer from injuries or disorders of the hand to an extreme level.

Elbow Surgery Treatment and Cost

If your elbow joints have been damaged, then your healthcare service provider will surely ask you to go for an elbow surgery. It is not a complex process in New Delhi, India with plethora of multi-specialty hospitals and institutes with the best orthopedic surgeons in India are offering care and level of medical expertise, which meets all the global benchmarks to optimum level. Also known as Total Elbow Arthroplasty, Elbow Joint Replacement Surgery in New Delhi, India is done to replace the bones of the elbow joint with a synthetic/artificial ones. The cost is modes and low, which is due to the competition that persists. After the surgery, the patient will be relieved from the pain and discomfort that had been the problem of concern.

Shoulder Surgery 

Our network of hospitals and clinics offer shoulder treatment through both surgical as well as non-surgical process. Patients suffering from musculoskeletal trauma, sports injuries, congenital disorders, and degenerative diseases to get relief from pain and discomfort. After the treatment, they can participate in physical activities and sports and carry on daily chores like usual. If the surgery is mandatory due to the severity of illness, do not panic as the minimal invasive surgical procedure is an absolute rampant. Now, arthroscopy shoulder surgery & procedures in New Delhi, India has gained popularity due to the advancement and modernity. Orthopedic hospitals in Delhi are offering best in-class service.

Stem Cell Therapy

(SCT) Stem Cell Therapy is the latest type of treatment that ails a number of disorders from some extremely severe life threatening ones to mild ones that are just in the beginner stage by employing stem cells. Procured from a lot of different sources and perfect to treat more than 80 type of disorders ranging from neuromuscular disorders to degenerative disorders; this treatment has been showing a lot of promising results. This treatment comes as a hope for the patients suffering from life threatening diseases, and is made available in New Delhi, India with well-equipped hospitals and at an affordable price. It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure so patients do not need to panic. In this procedure, the damaged organs and tissues are repaired using Stem Cells.

Viezec aims to reduce the gap between international patients and multi-specialty hospitals and institutes by ensuring an easy and direct access. Thus, patients now can afford world-class health care facilities and cost-effective treatment procedures with no delays whatsoever. We also make sure that each patient, who comes to New Delhi gets the best from Viezec and avail high level of medical expertise and care from top hospitals in India, that are accredited and globally profound.

Resurfacing Hip Joint Surgery

Shoulder Surgery

Elbow Surgery

Hip Replacement Surgery

Stem Cell Therapy for Orthopedic

Knee Replacement Surgery

Hand Surgery

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