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Hand surgery in India

Most individuals use their hands often, whether to work or carry out everyday tasks. Consequently, when you experience an injury on this body portion, it is essential for it to be fixed speedily. Luckily, there are some types of hand surgery that are meant to cure some of the most common problems encountered. Carpal tunnel syndrome is quite common, but fortunately, it can be refurbished in most cases. The hand surgery available for this disease necessitates the surgeon to make an incision near the wrist, cutting the tissue that is putting pressure on the affected nerves. Once the pressure is relieved, the hands will be dressed up and a wrist brace will need to be worn while the region heals. The splint will need to stay on for at least two weeks typically and pain medicine will likely be essential during that time. The retrieval time differs, contingent on the individual as well as how long the pain was there before the operation. If you are living with chronic hand or wrist pain, probabilities are you frantically want respite. Many times, non-surgical treatment is relatively effective as a remedy for hand and wrist pain. However, there are situations in which hand surgery is the only long-term solution. So when is it time to consider undergoing hand surgery in India for your carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis or other hand condition?

When do i need carpal tunnel surgery?

You may be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome if you have:
  • Numbness or stinging in the thumb, index, middle, or half the ring finger

  • Fingers fall asleep while driving, talking on the telephone, washing hair, etc.

  • Severe night pain

  • Pain radiating to forearms, shoulders, neck

  • Dropping articles

  • Items falling out of hand

  • Feeble grip strength

Pain relief is the key purpose for carrying out most hand surgeries, including carpal tunnel release surgery. Individual pain thresholds differ so some folks let the condition progress further than others before they contemplate hand surgery in India. In maximum cases, carpal tunnel patients decide that hand surgery is essential when they begin experiencing numbness in the fingers, severe nighttime pain, and scorching hand pain. There are three diverse surgical options to address carpal tunnel pain:

  • Open Carpal Tunnel Release – customary surgery with large incision, longer retrieval period.

  • Mini Carpal Tunnel Release – traditional open surgery with a smaller incision.

  • Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release (Also known as The No Stitch Procedure) – minimally invasive, 10 minute process, no stitches required, short retrieval period.

There are lots of problems that can occur with hands and wrists. Fortunately, there are surgeries suitable for nearly all of them. If you ever have an injury in this region, it is important to know instantaneously whether there is a way to correct the issue. This way, you can set up an appointment with your surgeon as soon as possible in order to fix the issue. Hand surgery, whether it is minor or major, has become a new specialty in our nation. We, at Viezec, are associated with hospitals and institutes that have developed a 24 hour state-of-the-art facility for comprehensive care of hand injuries. Sometimes, hand problems are treated by non-surgical means such as medication, splints, therapy, and injections. If surgery is required for your particular condition, no need to panic as Indian hospitals and institutes have the hand surgery in India and cost is also very competitive. The main goal of treating hand conditions is to improve the quality of life of patients who suffer from injuries or disorders of the hand and upper extremity.

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