Resurfacing Hip Joint Surgery in Delhi, India

Resurfacing Hip Joint Surgery in India

At times, you wake up in the morning with an excruciating shooting pain in the hip joint. You visit a medical Centre and take medicines to get relief from the pain, so that you get an instant relief if not permanent. But the pain remains to continue and severe enough to decrease movement at the hip joint, this is when you are compelled to visit befitting hospital. When you opt for Resurfacing Hip Joint Surgery in India, it involves a sequence of tests, you are identified with osteoarthritis in the hip joint. In such a case of disorder, your healthcare service provider might recommend you to go for resurfacing hip joint surgery in Delhi, India as the country is home to acknowledged orthopedic surgeons working at multi-specialty hospitals and institutes.

What is the Procedure for Hip Resurfacing Surgery?

The actual process of Hip Resurfacing surgery is much less invasive than outmoded Hip Replacement procedure. The region of arthritis in the hip joint is cleaned and shaved out. The Hip Resurfacing Surgery in India comprises of the femoral head being shaved and re-shaped to accommodate the metal lid well with small guide stem. The dimensions of the femoral head are around 50 mm in diameter. The metal cup is carefully set into the pelvis. The portions typically used for Hip Resurfacing are made from Cobalt-chrome cast. These portions are shaped specifically by a machine to fit each other with small space for body fluid to grease. The backside of the cup is strengthened to permit the bone to grow into an implant. One end of the cup is fixed over the sphere of the femur bone and the other end is fixed into a plug in the pelvic bone called acetabulum. This consists of the body’s vital bone. It takes around one and a half hours to carry out the whole Hip Resurfacing process. The hospital stay is for around 5 – 7 days. You will be able to get out of couch and walk within 2 days of the hip resurfacing surgery.

Advantages of Hip Resurfacing Surgery

Hip resurfacing is a breakthrough innovation in the management of hip arthritis. This is a less complex and bone conserving substitute to the rather traditional total hip replacement. Unlike Hip replacement, this does not encompass the elimination of femoral head and neck or removal of bone from femur. Hip resurfacing is an anatomically and bio mechanically more comparable to the natural hip joint occasioning in the augmented stability, flexibility and range of motion. The present generation of hip resurfacing devices use a metal on the metal bearing which lasts much longer than the hip replacement. The hip seems to be long-lasting which permits you to implement higher impact activities. Further dislocation risk is almost eradicated. It gives much better outcomes than the total hip replacement variant. Individuals are permissible to sit on the floor. They can implement all kinds of sports and games and enjoy supreme quality of life. Resurfacing hip joint hospitals in Delhi provide you the best procedure and effective treatment.

What is the result of Hip Resurfacing Surgery?

When you opt for resurfacing hip joint hospital in India you are sure to encounter a 99% success rate. Countless adolescent patients have had the Hip joint Resurfacing process done with outstanding outcomes. Process can be done soon after the skeletal maturity. Following Hip Resurfacing, there is a swifter rehabilitation and timely discharge from the hospital.

Resurfacing Hip Joint Hospital in India

In India, there are numerous orthopedic processes that are available such as hip and knee replacements. Countless Resurfacing Hip Joint Hospital in Delhi specialize in the fairly new techniques and treatments such as minimal invasive surgery, cartilage and bone transplantation, spine surgery and limb sparing surgery.

India has one of the finest competent professionals in each and every field, and this fact has now been comprehended all around the globe. Regarding medical facilities, India has the most capable doctors and world-class medical amenities. With most viable charges for treatment, India is a very rewarding destination for individuals awaiting undergoing some treatment of certain medical complications, who do not need instantaneous emergency treatment. Viezec, enjoys a strong presence and strives to deliver world-class healthcare services. The expert treatment provided by virtuosos of the medical facility.

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