Hip Replacement Surgery in Delhi, India

Hip Replacement Surgery in India (Partial or Total)

If your hip has been severely impaired either by an injury or by any kind of disorders related with old age such as arthritis or any other condition of similar grounds, and the chronic hip/groin pain keeps you awake at the nights and averts you from doing everyday jobs, undergoing hip replacement surgery in India might be the superlative option to fix your hip pain and all related miseries.

An overview

Also referred to as total hip replacement, hip arthroplasty or hip hemiarthroplasty. Hip replacement is a common yet a major surgical process in which an orthopaedic doctor replaces the painful hip-joint with an artificial hip-joint. Best hip replacement hospital in India employs learned doctors to carry out effecient orthopaedic operation, the surgeon confiscate the impaired head of the thighbone (femur) and replaces the hip’s ball-and-socket mechanism with artificial implants. Health Tourism services for Hip Replacement have also prevailed and are being upheld with confidence. The surgery considerably relieves the pain and improves the patient’s flexibility and his/her aptitude to carry out everyday activities.


If you have hip mutilation and you get little or no respite even after using anti-inflammatory medicines, physical therapy and workout for a reasonable period of time, then you can take advantage of surgical methodology for fixing your hip disorders. One of the key benefits of health tourism services for hip replacement is that age is no barricade to gain the surgery advantages. The best hip replacement hospital in India can be just as advantageous for individuals in their 80s and 90s as it is for 60 year olds or even younger. Another imperative aspect, with regard to the benefits derived from the replacement surgery, is that it is cost-effective the modishly honest price makes it a highly preferred choice. There are a striking number of patients who have had success with the surgery, thanks to the progressions in the hip replacement sector, including computer-assisted implant placement, that help doctors in perfect positioning of the replacement devices.

Benefits at a glance

    • Hip replacement hospital in Delhi employ surgery that removes the hip pain or atleast decreases it to some extent.
    • It can give you several years of freedom from pain and exhaustion that kept you wide-awake for years.
    • The dramatic reduction in hip pain permits the patient to enjoy a good night sleep.
    • Following the operation, a patient reinstates normal hip function with augmented ease and comfort.
    • It improves the physical functioning, including walking and other actions and benefits caused to the patient’s mental health too.
    • Individuals who prior to the operation felt it challenging to implement major activities of everyday living such as sitting in a chair, on a toilet seat, putting on clothes and shoes, shopping, and cooking can experience a noteworthy improvement in their flexibility and movements post-surgery.
    • Rectification of augmented leg strength is another advantage that one can experience following the hip replacement surgery.

If you have had your hip-joint badly impaired for any reason known or unknown and you are considering undergoing hip replacement surgery in India, it is exceedingly sensible to discuss a few benefits and your expectations from the operation with your doctor in advance. Hip replacement is a safe and effective orthopaedic surgery but simultaneously it is a major operation. So, before planning on undergoing hip replacement surgery in Delhi  comprehend the process, its benefits as well its prospective risks and complications, only having it explicated by your doctor from a reputed hip replacement hospital in Delhi.
Patients from Saudi Arabia, UK, Germany, USA, Canada and Australia with serious hip related ailments are flocking to New Delhi, the capital city of India. There are a number of reasons aiding to this movement and decision, including affordable cost at super-specialty hospital and institute. If you are advised for hip replacement surgery in Delhi, India whether it is partial or total, contact Viezec. We have our associations with the best healthcare institutes that ensure world class and cost-efficient cure, the price is 1/4th or sometimes even lower with about 10 times more supposed to being paid than the native countries.The average cost of a medical treatment in New Delhi, India is almost 1/6th of that in developed countries.

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