Shoulder Reconstruction Surgery & Procedures in India

Shoulder Reconstruction surgery encompasses repair of the torn or overextended ligaments so that they are better able to clamp the shoulder joint in place. When conventional treatments such as prescription medications, physical therapy and immobilization are ineffective to assuage your shoulder instability, your doctor might recommend Shoulder Reconstruction surgery.

Shoulder Reconstruction Benefits

Shoulder Reconstruction surgery tauten sup the shoulder static stabilizers to patch-up a shoulder with recurrent dislocations. The key principle of the operation is to decrease the size of the stretched shoulder capsule and to attach the torn labrum back to the bone. The post-process physiotherapy helps recapture flexibility.

Shoulder Reconstruction Cost and Procedure Time

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Shoulder Reconstruction Surgery through Viezec

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Shoulder Reconstruction Pre-Procedure Requirement

  • Tell your surgeon what medicines you are taking, even the ones you have purchased without a prescription.
  • You might be asked to stop taking drugs that make it tougher for your blood to clot.
  • Your doctor will ask you to see your doctor if you have diabetes, heart disease, or other medical conditions.
  • Talk to your doctor if you have been drinking quite a good amount of alcohol.
  • If you smoke, you have to stop it.
  • Notify your doctor if you have cold, fever, flu, herpes breakout or other infection.
  • You will be requested not to drink or eat anything for 6 – 12 hours before the Shoulder Reconstruction surgery.
  • Blood tests, an electrocardiogram or chest x-ray might be required to carefully implement Shoulder Reconstruction surgery.

Shoulder Reconstruction Surgery Procedure

There are numerous approaches to repair your shoulder. The Arthroscopic process has admirable outcomes in cases with few displacements. The open operation, frequently known as a “Shoulder Reconstruction surgery” takes around two hours. You will have two minor incisions at the back and front of your shoulder. The torn labrum or cartilage is mended with either a dissolving screw or a metal screw with sutures to the end.

Shoulder Reconstruction Post Procedure Advice

After the Shoulder Reconstruction surgery, a waterproof bandage will be put on your shoulder so that you can at least bathe. Don’t try to lift or rotate your arm. Keep your armpits dehydrated to circumvent the risk of a sweat rash or septicity. It is essential to walk around. You will be instantaneously discharged from the hospital. You will experience instant operative shoulder pain. You will have to wear the sling for at least a month during Shoulder Reconstruction surgery retrieval. The sling must be taken out only to shower and get dressed. You should not drive for four to six weeks. Physiotherapy after the operation is often essential to recover and retrieve the strength while the shoulder is healing. Your sutures will be removed about ten days after the process. No sports for six months.

Shoulder Reconstruction FAQ’s

  1. What type of symptoms would I have if I had Frozen Shoulder?

The indications of Frozen Shoulder’ are pain and inability to do simple routine activities like combing, putting their hand in their back pocket, reaching their hand upward, etc. Every endeavor to lift the hand above your head causes more pain.

  1. What varieties of treatment options are there for Shoulder Stiffness?

The common initial treatment is physical therapy program with stress on workouts and stretching. If this fails, the patient will have to go through a shoulder manipulation (Glenohumeral Joint).

  1. How do I know if I require Shoulder Reconstruction surgery for this?

Shoulder Reconstruction surgery is necessary if there is an established rigidity and continuous pain or diabetes. Surgery might take account of putting an Arthroscope into the shoulder and perhaps cutting the shoulder capsule and the ligaments from the inside.

  1. How soon can I use my shoulder if I undertake Shoulder Reconstruction surgery?

It is very imperative that you move your shoulder right after the operation. This will consist of physical therapy and a meticulous stretching program.

  1. What is the retrieval process like?

The key objective of recovery is to move the shoulder as much as possible. This will need daily workout and physical rehabilitation.

  1. What are the indications of shoulder instability?

The indications are pain and weakness in the shoulder. Certain positions are circumvented to save the shoulder from coming out of the socket. For instance: when the arm is elevated up behind the ear in the flinging position.

  1. How would I know if I need Shoulder Reconstruction surgery?

If the pain endures and instability patterns persist, including displacements, then operation will be required to correct the shoulder.

  1. What type of surgery is done for instability?

An arthroscopic process is done via small incisions. The torn ligaments and capsule are mended with stitches putting them in the normal locations.

  1. How soon can I use my shoulder after the Shoulder Reconstruction surgery?

After the operation, your arm will be placed in a sling to assuage the effect of gravity. You can use your elbow and your hand from your waist to your mouth. Progressive movements will come after the revamped tissue heals over a period of one to two months.

Q. When should I refer my doctor? Refer your doctor if you have the following symptoms:• Fever over 101° F after the operation• Intensifying pain or inflammation• Redness or soreness• Numbness