Spine Fusion Surgery & Procedures in India

Spine Fusion surgery is implemented to get rid of pain because of motion between two adjacent vertebrae. The Spine Fusion process treats issues like Spondylolisthesis (unstable spine) and is therefore also acknowledged as Spondylodesis or Spondylosyndesis. Additional bone tissue, either from the patient (autograft) or a donor (allograft), is used accompanied by the body’s natural bone growth (osteoblastic) courses to blend with the vertebrae. Spine Fusion surgery is also the idyllic way to treat maximum spinal distortions, specially scoliosis and kyphosis.

Spine Fusion Benefits

The key advantage of Spine Fusion surgery is respite from neck pain and other linked symptoms that cannot be treated by conventional methods. Even though this process merges two vertebrae together lessening one from seven, the agility is unaffected in maximum circumstances.

Spine Fusion Cost and Procedure Time

Viezec is here to assist you with the best quality low-cost medical processes. The medical facilities at Viezec cost about 70-80 percent lesser than USA, UK and other nations. Visiting patients will be enrolled in the top hospitals in India for the processes. You would be required to be in India for about a week for maximum of the cases. This is conceivable because wherever suitable the surgeries are done by minimally invasive method. Virtually all our doctors are board certified doctors and trained in the West. The estimated cost, all inclusive cost of Orthopedic Spine Fusion will be USD $5900 and this might differ contingent on the implant, surgeon, facility and city of the technique. Viezec works towards guaranteeing affordable medical amenities to its patients.

Spine Fusion Surgery through Viezec

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Spine Fusion Pre-Procedure Requirement

  • Discuss with your surgeon about the medications you take, including the ones you bought without a prescription.
  • If you are a smoker, you need to quit smoking.
  • Two weeks before the operation, stop taking pills like Aspirin, or any other blood thinning agents.
  • If you have diabetes, heart ailment or other medical complications, meet your regular doctor.
  • Discuss with the surgeon about your smoking habits and alcohol ingestion.
  • You will be requested to not drink or eat for 8-12 hours before the this surgery.

Spine Fusion Surgery Procedure

Spine Fusion surgery is implemented on the neck to join certain bones in the spine together. Usually, bone, metal plates or screws are used to bridge the neighboring vertebrae. In maximum circumstances, only the inter-vertebral disk is removed. Spine Fusion surgery uses some kind of bone material, called a bone graft. Your doctor will tell you the kind of bone graft material that will work best for your condition. The bone graft is later inserted permitting healing of the vertebrae. In Spine Fusion process, your spine might be approached from the front which is called an anterior approach, from the back which is called or from either side which is named as the lateral approach.

Spine Fusion Post Procedure Advice

The Spine Fusion surgery retrieval takes some time. It might take some months for the bone to become solid. Your condition might improve faster. During your retrieval period, the fused spine should be kept in apt alignment. Patients are taught how to move appropriately, shift, sit, stand and walk. The activity level will gradually pick up. Only light activity like walking will be permissible after the operation. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following the surgeon’s instructions will upsurge your probabilities for a worthy result.

Spine Fusion FAQ’s

  1. When is Spine Fusion surgery suggested?

The prospective reasons for a surgeon to vouch for this process are: treatment of a cracked vertebra; rectification of deformity (spinal curves); getting rid of pain because of excruciating vertebral motion; treatment of spinal instability and treatment of some cervical disc hernia.

  1. How is Spine Fusion surgery implemented?

There are a number of surgical methods for combining the spine and they all need placement of a bone graft between the vertebrae. The spine might be approached either from the back, from the front or by an arrangement of both. The eventual objective of fusion is to attain a solid union between two or more vertebrae.

  1. How long will it take to recuperate from the Spine Fusion surgery?

Retrieval after this surgery takes longer than other types of spinal surgery. Generally, patients have to stay in the hospital for three or four days. Bone healing transpires between 6 weeks to 3 months after operation and might continue for up to a year after operation. The time required off work depends upon both the kind of surgery and the type of job and can differ from few days to weeks.

  1. When should I call my doctor?

Notify your doctor if you have the following symptoms:• Fever over 101° F after the operation• Increasing pain or swelling• Redness or soreness• Numbness