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We were driving home from my 23rd birthday party when the chauffeur took a curve too speedily and lost control over the car. The car twirled around, crushed and landed on its roof. I was sitting in the commuter’s seat and was not wearing a seatbelt. So, consequently, I flew out off the side window and landed on the blacktop with my spine and my head. My injuries were virtually lethal and I was in a coma for 2 days and have no reminiscence of the next 4-5 weeks after the accident. My head and lungs were incapacitated, my collarbone,…
Hi, I am Mariam from UK. Last year, I was suffering from acute kidney issues that were hampering my normal course of life a lot. I went in for treatment via antibiotics as I was a critical CKD patient, my serum Creatinine had reached grave levels. I had unfailingly resisted requests for a dialysis and wanted to do stem cell therapy so to circumvent the need of dialysis henceforth in future as well. Stem Cell Care India’s protocol for CKD dictates the inoculation of mesenchymal stem cells, straight to the kidneys via catheter (Intra-arterial Administration via catheter). However, it is…
I have been an active sportsperson all my life and recurrently relished water skiing, tennis, alpine skiing and jogging. I have suffered from periodic knees problems for the past 9 years. The first problem in my left knee appeared in 2001 with a knee-locking disease. An arthroscopy indicated that my femur’s condyle cartilage was impaired, so the treating doctor proceeded with debridement and some Pridie drilling. I was okay and devoid of pain for the next 5 years and I was able to sustain my pre-treatment activity levels. The post-treatment MRI indicated a distinct reduction of the subchondral edema. However,…
Andy from Africa, a 28 year old female patient, is suffering from hereditary form of disease known asOptic Nerve Dystrophy. The patient exhibited typical symptoms of the ailment including loss of central vision and waning peripheral vision. Her right eye was affected more than the left eye. Upon checkup, it was found that the vision in the right eye was 6/60 and in the left eye was 6/12. The patient agreed to undergo mesenchymal stem cell treatment in India. It was decided that the cells will be transplanted Intravitreal and through Retrobulbar inoculation only in the right eye. It was…
My son Matt James was suffering from Autism disorder. He was born with Down syndrome and a duodenal artresia and annular pancreas. This was surgically rectified within some days after birth and after a hospital stay of about 6 weeks. We, as his parents stimulated his development and played and intermingled with Matt intensively. This occasioned in her development being only slightly delayed. Within a couple of months, matt lost his signs and words and she seemed deaf, not reacting to our voices or music. Eye contact was severely reduced, she snubbed to walk, stopped playing with his toys, developed…
Hi, I am Mariam from UK. Last year, I was suffering from acute kidney issues that were hampering my normal course of life a lot. I went in for treatment via antibiotics as I was a critical CKD patient, my serum Creatinine had reached grave levels. I had unfailingly resisted requests for a dialysis and wanted to do stem cell therapy so to circumvent the need of dialysis henceforth in future as well.
My name is Simon and I travelled from England to India regarding orthopedic and erectile dysfunction treatment. After undergoing the treatment at Stem Cell Care India, all I can say about the hospital is that it is highly professional hospital. I am very happy with the treatment part. After undergoing the stem cell therapy, I found out that I am getting healed very speedily. I have all the praises for the staff of Stem Cell Care India. Furthermore, I am very happy with the services provided. The accommodation is very good and the staff is very friendly and approachable. The…
Hi, my friend Mrs. Janis is from UK. She is 71 years old. She was suffering from Diabetes Type 2 since many years. She was leading a very tough life due to this issue. I am her friend and I decided to accompany her for her stem cell treatment in India. She had decided to undergo stem cell treatment in India at Stem Cell Care India because of the low cost and high-quality treatment they assured of. After the treatment, she is pretty well now. We found the staff at Stem Cell Care India very friendly, supportive and kind. They…
Hi, I am Somnath Roy from Kolkata. I belong to Delhi as I reside here. I had some cartilage issue that was making my life somehow very difficult. I had tried many treatment options but wasn’t getting much relief. Then, after exploring the internet, I got to know about Stem Cell Care India. I wrote to them about my problem and to my surprise, they replied in a very quick and prompt way.
Hi, I am JD Evains from USA and I came to India for ankylosing spondylitis stem cell treatment. I am an oil and gas engineer. I was suffering from this ailment since quite some time i.e. about from 10 years. Basically, my hips and mid back was most affected and sometimes knees as well. I was getting very dejected. I also had some neck issues. I then decided to opt for stem cell treatment for my concerns. I opted for Stem Cell Care India in Delhi. After the treatment, I was quite happy and experienced a lot of relief from…
My grandson is 4.8 years old. His name is Hussain and we are from Saudi Arabia. Our life shattered when we came to know that he is suffering from diabetes Type 1 at such a tender and early age. We decided to opt for stem cell treatment so that he can get healed as soon as possible in a very safe and effective way. We admitted him in Stem Cell Care India for the treatment. After the treatment, my lil grandson is completely healed. The doctors at this hospital treated and operated him successfully. We are thankful to staff of…
Detected with autism as an infant, Chloe’s health was deteriorating day by day. A bone marrow transplant changed her life. She came to India with her parents and they contacted the team of Viezec for all the preparations regarding her bone marrow transplant that had to take place to heal her from all the pains. The trailblazing treatment changed the life of the 13 year old, who now sees a future without any confines. The experts at Viezec said the severity of Chloe’s symptoms made her a decent candidate for the transplant procedure. “The staff of Viezec is very helpful…
My Name is Dominique and I am a 54 years old man living in Dubai. I have recently experienced a convoluted heart surgery my heart was transplanted with a healthy heart of some other person. I might definitely say that the doctors from the hospital I was treated in gave me a second life. Also, I want to thank a lot to the team of Viezec for lending me a good helping hand all throughout my stay in India. I recommend all the people who struggle with heart problems that they should not lose hope but to they should try…
My name is Linda from the USA. I got a successful treatment for my kidney cancer in Delhi, because the treatment in my home nation exceeded my budget. I was diagnosed with this cancer 4 months ago and my friend suggested contacting Viezec in Delhi for further assistance on kidney cancer surgery at affordable rates. The team of Viezec was welcoming and supportive and was quick in replying to my queries and concerns. They gave me an appointment at very short notification and at a reasonable price. I flew to Delhi and had a first consultation with the expert in…
Mrs. Shirley from Australia decided to undergo her radiotherapy treatment for her treatment of brain tumor in Delhi, India. Fir this, she is very thankful to the team of Viezec, as she chose to avail the medical tourism services via this company. She suffered from a benevolent brain tumor, called Meningioma, with only some symptoms. However, she had to wait for around 3 months for her MRI scan and post that, with the cooperation of Viezec’s team and the doctor’s diligence, her radiotherapeutic treatment started and lasted for around 2 months. When she contacted the team of Viezec, the professional…
Mr. Farooq Hamid journeyed all the way from UAE to Apollo Hospitals in India for undergoing open heart bypass surgery. While the bypass surgery was successful, Mr. Farooq wants to thank the considerate team of Viezec as it him helped a lot. Mr. Hamid wants to express his gratitude towards Viezec, “I categorically have no words to thank Viezec and its team. Now, I can retrace my steps to my country without any dread of the medical complications I could probably have had. The doctors have given me my life back at the Apollo Hospitals”. A healthy Farooq was discharged…

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