Stem Cell Therapy for Heart disease

Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Transplant in India 

Nowadays, Stem Cell Therapy in India has been emerged as a ray of hope for people suffering from heart diseases. According to scientists that adult and embryonic stem cells are able to replace damaged heart muscle cells and establish new blood vessels to supply them. Furthermore, the recent discoveries also prove that stem cell replacement and muscle regeneration strategies for repairing the damaged heart is easily possible. It is the most successful and cost effective procedure available in New Delhi, India. With respect to the heart, stem cells have the ability to not only home into the damaged areas, but also to initiate a cascade of biological events which both culminate in healing of the heart muscle.

Each heart is made up of several types of cells. For mending damaged heart tissue, healthcare service providers generally focus on three specific heart cell types:

  1. Cardiomyocytes
  2. Cardiac pacemaker cells
  3. Endothelial cells

Despite major advances in how heart disease is managed, heart disease is progressive, so experts have taken a new route and started treating hearts by stem cell. Once heart cells are damaged, they cannot be replaced efficiently, at least not as we understand the heart today. There is evidence that the heart has some repair capability, but that ability is limited and not yet well understood. Your heart can be repaired through stem cell therapy. Indian healthcare service providers are capable of providing the treatment at cost effective rates. 

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