Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Transplant in India

Nowadays, Stem Cell Therapy for heart transplant in India has emerged as a ray of hope for people suffering from heart diseases. The scientists have made enough researches and landed up to a conclusion that an adult embryonic stem cell is able to replace the damaged heart muscle cells and establish new blood vessels to supply them. Furthermore, the recent discoveries also prove that stem cell replacement and muscle regeneration strategies for repairing the damaged heart is easily possible. Stem cell therapy for heart transplant in Delhi is the most successful and cost effective procedure available in Delhi, India. With respect to the heart, stem cells have the ability to not only mend the damaged areas, but also to initiate a cascade of biological events which culminate in the healing of the heart muscle.

Each heart is made up of several types of cells. For mending damaged heart tissue, healthcare service providers generally focus on three specific heart cell types:

    • Cardiomyocytes
    • Cardiac pacemaker cells
    • Endothelial cells

Despite major advances in the treatment spectrum of heart diseases, the perfect treatment for heart diseases is difficult to find, hence the experts have taken a new route and started treating hearts by stem cell. Once the heart cells are damaged, they cannot be replaced efficiently, at least not as we understand the heart today. There is evidence that the heart has some repair capability, but that ability is limited and not yet well understood. Your heart can be repaired through stem cell therapy.

Stem cells are natural transformers that the body uses within its own to bring about differences and treatment prowess. When the body is injured or damaged in any way, stem cells have the capability to travel to the site of the accident. Some stem cells are acquired from the bone marrow, it has a modest number of them and hence becomes the most popular site for acquiring stem cells, while others can be acquired from the heart itself. The two are not the same, coming from different sites they have their own cons and pros. They essentially work in the same manner they help heal the damaged tissue. This task is undertaken by them with secreting local hormones to rescue the damaged heart cells, it in turn helps by turning itself into the heart muscle cells themselves. Stem cells get the job done fairly well with their efficiency at the task. But this process can get better and for some reason, the heart stops signaling for the heart cells which happens in a short period of time, just after a week or so post the damage has taken place, this leaves the job undone and the damage still very much there on site. The partially repaired tissue actually don’t do much good instead becomes a burden to the heart, and starts to force it to work harder, and a little less efficiently, this majorly becomes the reason to heart failure in most people. Stem Cell therapy for heart transplant in India has proven to be beneficial for the majority of people looking for befitting treatment for any kind of heart disease. Turn towards India for a fitting treatment of stem cells for varied ailments, there exist plenty of superior quality hospitals with the best possible treatment facility.

Initial researches that were used on a patient’s own stem cells, which was derived from the bone marrow, this was mainly done because they were easily available and had worked well in case of animal studies. Careful study of the subject matter very well revealed that only a fairly modest benefit, so researchers have moved on to evaluate some of the more promising approaches, inclusive of:

Providing a highly selected array of stem cell from the donor around the time of a heart attack. It is also the patient’s own cardiac stem cells which are affected after the heart attack.

Offering a highly selected, non-cardiac, stem cells from the donor post a heart attack. It is essential that you know that not many patients are capable of receiving the most current and optimal therapies available for their heart failure. If you have a heart failure, and are wondering about treatment options, then you must turn towards India, as India is well-equipped with superlative treatment options and premium medical service providers at cost effective rates.

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