Urethra Surgery in Delhi, India

Urethra Surgery in India

If you suffer from symptoms such as severe pain during urination, urinary retention, kidney stones in the bladder, frequent urinary tract infections, increase in post-void residual and etc., then your doctor would suggest you to go for urethra surgery. Patients approach hospitals in New Delhi, India as the healthcare service providers are technologically very advanced and have best doctors. The network of hospitals we find our association with provides different types of surgical procedures for treating urethral strictures. Some of the popular surgical procedures include:

  • Urethral dilation
  • Optical Urethrotomy
  • Open urethral reconstruction

Urethral stricture is an abnormal condition which causes the narrowing of the urethra, a tube that releases the urine from the body. Urethral stricture can pose as the reason for trouble of the inflammation or the scar tissue which happens to be from any kind of past surgery, disease, or injury.

How the treatment is performed?

The urethra surgery in Delhi comprises of the placement of a catheter that permits the bladder to drain out the urine which passes through the abdomen. It might be imperative to minimize the acute problems like the urinary retention and related infections. Surgical options may vary dependent upon the location. The visual internal urethrotomy may be one which is absolute essential for the small stricture.

What is Urethral Stricture?

A urethra surgery in India is a process of scarring which happens nearby the urethra, that is a tube which connects the urinary bladder to that of the urinary meatus which is essential for elimination of urine from body, this results in the minimizing and blockage of the urinary passage. It is a more common condition amongst the men as compared to women

What are the common causes of urethral stricture?

Any infection or any type of inflammation or some urethral injury occurs due to the instrumentation or better known as the catheterization which can result in kind of urethral stricture. Urethra Surgery in India is prevalent amongst multi-specialty facilities.

What are the symptoms of Urethral strictures?

Slow urine streaming as well as spraying a stream of urine also some Painful urination may be the reason for reduction in the urine output. Also, inadequate or half emptying of the bladder along with recurrent urinary tract infections.


Hypospadias is a common term which is provided to the disorder that is inborn. The urethra hospital in India ensures that the urinary opening lies right around the underside of the penis, this happens instead of being present at the tip. It is also prevailed as the second most common reason causing some birth abnormality of the reproductive system this is majorly present in males. It affects about one out of every 250 males right at the time of birth itself.

What are the sign and symptoms of hypospadias?

Signs and symptoms that are common to the condition of hypospadias are as follows:

  • Hooded appearance or drooped appearance of the penile organ
  • Unusual squirting or spraying during urination
  • The opening of the urethra which happens to be at the bottom of the penis.
  • The downward curve which happens to be of the penis (chordee)

Treatment: Urethra Surgery in India is one of the treatment that is usually famed to bring back the normal appearance of your child’s penis. With adept capability of doctors, right tools and techniques and the equipped machinery the operation of hypospadias, can be the reason which leads to the fact that the males can now experience regular urination along with better rate of reproduction. The surgical process is highly dependent upon where the opening is situated and also the fact that the position of the urethral plate is at what position.

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