Biliopancreation Diversion Surgery in Delhi, India

Biliopancreation Diversion Surgery and Procedures in India

A Biliopancreatic Diversion procedure alters the usual procedure of digestion by making the belly smaller. It lets food to pass through portion of the small intestine so that you absorb fewer calories. Owing to the risks, Biliopancreation Diversion surgery in India is only done in individuals who are severely obese and who haven’t been able to lose weight with the help of any other way. In the procedure of Biliopancreation diversion the upper part of the belly is removed and the remaining portion is rewired to the Ileum, a part of the small intestine. In this arrangement, the distance between the belly and the colon is considerably shortened. Biliopancreation Diversion Surgery in Delhi, India removes roughly 75 percent of the belly to restrict food and reduction of acid output. A Biliopancreatic Diversion surgery can be executed alone or with a Duodenal Switch.

Laparoscopic Biliopancreatic Diversion Benefits

Weight loss ranges from 70 to 90 percent of surplus body weight over the first two years, about 100 to 200 pounds, contingent on your weight. There is almost no weight regain after two years. The Biliopancreation Diversion surgery in India is one of the most effective operations that helps lose huge amount of weight. The process improves or cures majority of the existing co-morbidities.

Laparoscopic Biliopancreatic Diversion Surgery Cost and Procedure Time

Viezec is here to aid you with the best quality medical processes at a cost-effective price. The medical services at Viezec cost about 70-80 percent lesser than that in USA, UK and other nations. Visiting patients will be put up at the top hospitals in India for the process. You would be required to be in town for around a week for most of the circumstances. This is possible since wherever suitable the surgeries are done by minimally invasive method. Virtually all our doctors are board certified doctors and trained in the West. The estimated expense, all inclusive cost of Laparoscopic Biliopancreation Diversion Surgery will not burn a hole in the pocket with brow raising prices and this might vary contingent on the implant, surgeon, facility and city of the process. Viezec works towards assuring reasonable medical amenities to its patients.

Laparoscopic Biliopancreation Diversion Surgery through Viezec

Any type of surgery requires serious planning and assessing all the important gathered health info of the patient. At Viezec, we have the benefit of colossal experience in dealing with patients, comprehending the significance of every surgery and treating every patient skillfully. Viezec cares about your requirements and ensures to offer you the superlative price for the medical services. The surgeries are done by veteran and top surgeons of India. Viezec offers numerous treatments and procedures under one umbrella. Our case executive, nurse case manager and doctors will be continually coordinating with the patient and relatives throughout their consultation, patient examination, analysis, investigation, operation, immediate post-operative period and recovery while your stay in India is made pleasant. Viezec has a sturdy follow-up process and the patients are communicated in their home country for after care. All our patients owing to their trust in us have referred their friends and relatives to Viezec as well for several medical prerequisites. This, itself, is a testimony to the fact that we provide you superlative patient experience. Viezec offers assistance with free web patient consultations, second medical opinion, hospital and surgeon choices, air-ambulance, road-ambulance, in-flight doctor, medical specialist, ICU equipment, emergency medical evacuation, hotels, visa, family accommodation, air travel, local transport and more. We also assist you with your travel around the country after your treatment if you wish. For more information and free consultation, you can fill in the inquiry form on our website. All your medical inquiries will be answered in due time.

Laparoscopic Biliopancreatic Diversion Surgery Pre-Procedure Requirement

    • Your doctor will talk you through the procedure, assess if you are fit enough to undergo Biliopancreatic Diversion surgery and will articulate a fitting diet and workout plan for your use after the surgery.
    • Be in the very best shape you can be prior the operation by following a healthy diet and undertaking some workout.
    • You will have to follow a set routine each day as regards your diet and nutritional supplementation.
    • Your overall health will be evaluated which will include checking your blood pressure and taking blood and urine samples.
    • If you smoke then you will be asked to stop, as this can have adverse affect.
    • If you suffer any allergies or have had surgery in the past then let your doctor and anesthetist know.
    • A few days prior the surgery, we will arrange for somebody to drive you to and from the hospital.
    • If you are prescribed some medicines by any doctor, make sure you bring those with you.
    • Do not eat or drink anything post midnight or as recommended for surgery next day.


Laparoscopic Biliopancreatic Diversion Surgery Procedure

In a Biliopancreatic Diversion, portion of the stomach is removed. The residual portion of the belly is connected to the lower portion of the small intestine. This high-risk operation can cause long-standing health problems as your body has a tougher time absorbing food and nutrients post the procedure. Folks who undergo this operation must take vitamin and mineral supplements for the rest of their lives.

Laparoscopic Biliopancreatic Diversion Surgery Post Procedure Requirement

Post the Biliopancreatic Diversion process, patients will have restrictions on their food quantity but after a year they should be able to eat a food like usual. Initially, they must be focused on drinking adequate amount of fluids. Once they get used to this, they can move to high protein helpings of low fat puree food in small shares. Six small servings a day should be adequate. Over three to six months, once your consumption improves you can ingest normal food. Fats should be sidestepped as they are difficult to absorb, pass through the bowel and can cause diarrhea and odor. Recurrent stools cause loss of nutrients and can result in long-standing hypoproteinemia.

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