Duodenal Switch Surgery in Delhi, India

Duodenal Switch Surgery and Procedures in India

Duodenal Switch process is a fusion surgery that lessens weight. Duodenal Switch surgery offers the best remedy for unsuccessful gastric bypass. In this procedure the small bowel is reattached in a particular way to keep the biliopancreatic juices away from the food, confining the absorption of the food that is eaten. The belly is decreased in size by doing a Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure, which uses some expanse of the stomach region that creates enzymes and chemicals. The main feature of the Duodenal Switch surgery in India and other parts of the world is the security of the pyloric valve. The pyloric valve is the last part of the abdomen which acts as an entrance to the small bowel. The food needs to suit the parameter with the right chemical and mechanical stability and then the pyloric valve permits it to progress into the small bowel.

Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch Surgery Cost and Procedure Time

Viezec is here to aid you with the best quality procedure at low cost. The medical services at Viezec cost about 70-80 percent lesser than USA, UK and other nations. Visiting patients will be put up at the top Duodenal Switch surgery hospitals in India for the process. You would be required to be in town for around a week for most of the circumstances. This is possible because wherever suitable the surgeries are done by minimally invasive method. Virtually all our doctors are board certified doctors and trained in the West. The estimated expense, all inclusive cost of Laparoscopic duodenal switch surgery in Delhi, India will be not much and this might vary depending on the type of implant, surgeon, facility and city of the process. Viezec works towards assuring reasonable medical amenities to its patients.

Laparoscopic duodenal switch surgery through Viezec

Any type of surgery requires serious planning and gathering of info. At Viezec, we have the benefit of colossal experience in dealing with patients, comprehend the significance of every surgery and treat every patient skillfully. Viezec cares about your requirements and ensures to offer you the superlative price for the medical services. The surgeries are done by top veteran and skilled surgeons of India. Viezec offers numerous treatments and procedures under one umbrella. Our case executive, nurse case manager and doctors will be continually coordinating with the patient and relatives throughout their consultation, patient examination, analysis, investigation, operation, immediate post-operative period and recovery while your stay in India. Viezec has a sturdy follow-up process and the patients are communicated in their home country for after care. Our happy and content patients owing to their trust in us have also referred their friends and relatives to Viezec for several medical prerequisites. This, is a testimony to the fact that they had the superlative patient experience. Viezec strives to offer level assistance with free web patient consultations, second medical opinion, hospital and surgeon choices, air-ambulance, road-ambulance, in-flight doctor, medical specialist, ICU equipment, emergency medical evacuation, hotels, visa, family accommodation, air travel, local transport and more. We also help with travel assistance around the country after your treatment if you wish. For more information and free consultation, you can fill in the inquiry form on our website. All your medical inquiries will be answered instantaneously.

Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch surgery through Viezec

Every types of surgery requires serious planning and gathering related information. At Viezec we are adept at handling patients and offering surgery and treatment pertaining to specific procedure required by the patient. Viezec offers premium solution to your medical condition. The surgeries are undertaken under the supervision of well-versed doctors and surgeons. Our case executive, nurse case manager and doctors will be regularly coordinating with the patient and kinsfolk’s throughout their consultation, patient inspection, diagnosis, investigation, surgery, instant post-operative period and recovery while your stay in India. Viezec provides support with hospital and surgeon options, air-ambulance, web consultation, on road-ambulance, ICU equipment, in-flight doctor, medical technician, emergency medical emptying, hotels, visa, family accommodation, air travel, local transport and more. We also assist you with your travel around the nation post your treatment if you wish. Contact us to get all your medical inquiries will be answered straightaway.

Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch Benefits

    • Duodenal Switch surgery leads to a very high percentage of additional weight loss for obese individuals with a very low risk of substantial weight regain.
    • Type 2 diabetics have had a 98 percent ‘cure’ almost instantaneously following surgery.
    • Most obesity related morbidities resolve following the duodenal switch: type 2 diabetes 99percent hyperlipidemia 99 percent, sleep apnea 92 percent and hypertension 83 percent.
    • Individuals do not experience the dumping syndrome since the pyloric valve between the belly and small intestine is conserved.
    • Much of the production of the hunger hormone, ghrelin, is confiscated with the bigger part of the belly.
    • Post-operative diet is more usual than the other post-surgery diets.


Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch Pre-Procedure Requirement

Duodenal Switch Surgery Hospital in India is offered by the best hospitals from our network of hospitals. The hospitals have best surgeons and team of doctors.

    • Meet a dietician to discuss vicissitudes in your diet both before and after the surgery.
    • A detailed mental health evaluation.
    • An upper endoscopy exam is done to make certain no polyps, tumors, ulcers or bacteria that lead to ulcers are in the belly.
    • Pre-operative evaluations will be done for the heart and lungs.
    • Tell your doctor about medicines, vitamins, minerals and herbs you are taking.
    • Quit smoking for at least six to eight weeks before and after weight loss operation.
    • Do not drink alcohol for at least 48 hours before the operation.


Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch Surgery Procedure

The Duodenal Switch procedure is implemented using general anesthesia. This laparoscopic process starts with a few half-inch long incisions in the belly and mid-abdomen. Miniature tools with a lighted camera are used to implement the Duodenal Switch procedure. The belly stays fixed with the first part of the small intestine, the duodenum, which is then separated from the remaining small intestine. The duodenum is attached to the lowest part of the small intestine. The instruments are taken out and the incisions are closed, normally with absorbable stitches or tape. Duodenal switch surgery hospital in India is offered by the best doctors.

Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch Post Procedure Requirement

    • Doctors typically prescribe Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin K and multivitamins that help cope up with nutritional insufficiency.
    • The dietician will recommend eating small but nutritious meals that are high in protein, accompanied by fruits, vegetables, whole grains and omega-3 fatty acids.
    • You should sidestep meals with high sugar content.
    • Following a healthy lifestyle is critical and must be imbibed by eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of regular workouts.

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