Laparoscopic Gastric Balloon
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  • Laparoscopic Ballooning Surgery and Procedures in India

    Gastric Ballooning surgery is a process that places the blown off balloon to generate a feeling of fullness in the abdomen. The intra-gastric ballooning encompasses a soft silicone balloon that is implanted in the belly and left there for about six months instigating a continuous feeling of fullness. Patients will feel surfeited more rapidly after meals helping them to become slim. There will be major weight loss during the first six months. Taking up nutritious habits and exercises promise improved outcomes. This treatment is apt for individuals with moderate obesity who have been unsuccessful in losing weight with conventional diets.

    Laparoscopic Gastric Balloon Benefits

    You will attain long-term weight loss if Gastric Ballooning surgery is prosperous. However, it also depends on your capability to maintain your new lifestyle. This in return should better any obesity related glitches that you might have, namely, diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnoea and mobility and improves self-confidence. Nevertheless, for lots of individuals the reason for undergoing Gastric Ballooning process is that it is minimally invasive, does not encompass a major surgery and it can be implemented as a day procedure, causing minimal disruption to daily life.

    Laparoscopic Gastric Balloon Surgery Cost and Procedure Time

    Viezec is here to help you with the high-class low-cost medical processes. The medical services at Viezec cost about 70-80 percent lesser than USA, UK and other nations. Visiting patients will be put up at the topmost hospitals in India for the processes. You would be required to be in town for around a week for maximum of the cases. This is possible as wherever suitable the surgeries are done by minimally invasive method. Nearly all our doctors are board certified surgeons and trained in the West. The estimated expense, all inclusive fee of Laparoscopic gastric balloon weight loss surgery will be very affordable and this might differ contingent on the implant, surgeon, facility and city of the process. Viezec works towards assuring reasonable medical services to its patients.

    Laparoscopic Gastric Balloon Surgery through Viezec

    Any type of surgery requires serious planning and gathering of information. At Viezec, we have the benefit of colossal experience in dealing with patients, comprehend the significance of every surgery and treat each patient professionally. Viezec cares about your requirements and ensures to offer you the superlative price for the medical services. The surgeries are done by proficient and top surgeons in India. Viezec offers numerous treatments and processes under one umbrella. Our case executive, nurse case manager and doctors will be regularly coordinating with the patient and kinsfolks throughout their consultation, patient inspection, diagnosis, investigation, surgery, instant post-operative period and recovery while your stay in India. Viezec has a strong follow-up procedure and the patients are contacted in their home nation for after care. All our patients owing to their trust in us have recommended their friends and relatives to Viezec for numerous medical needs. This, itself, is a testimony to the fact that they had the best patient experience. Viezec provides support with free web patient consultations, second medical opinion, hospital and surgeon options, air-ambulance, road-ambulance, in-flight doctor, medical technician, ICU equipment, emergency medical emptying, hotels, visa, family accommodation, air travel, local transport and more. We also assist you travel around the nation after your treatment if you wish. For more details and free consultation, you can fill in the investigation form on our website. All your medical enquiries will be answered straightaway.

    Laparoscopic Gastric Balloon Pre-Procedure Requirement

    • • The doctor will ask you to get pre-screening valuations like dietary evaluation, routine blood tests, chest X-ray and ECG.
    • • To formulate for the insertion, you will be initiated to fast from midnight prior to your procedure.
    • • Blood tests, ultrasound of belly and other tests to make certain you are healthy enough to have surgery.
    • • Nutritional advocating.
    • • Refer your doctor to make certain other medical problems like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart or lung problems are in hand.
    • • If you are a smoker, you should stop smoking some weeks before the surgery.
    • • Always tell your clinician about the medications, vitamins and herbs you are taking, including the ones you bought without a recommendation.
    • • You might be asked to stop taking any medications that make it tough for your blood to clot.
    • • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your operation.

    Laparoscopic Gastric Balloon Surgery Procedure

    In Gastric Ballooning operation, the balloon is directed through an endoscope. The procedure lasts approximately 20-30 minutes. If the patient is nervous, he or she can be sedated with an intravenous drip for a simpler settlement of the blown off balloon. The balloon is put by using trivial, endoscopic instruments, comprising of a pencil-shaped stick with a little camera fit to it which helps the surgeon to view the region. A catheter is attached to the balloon. The doctor will fill the balloon with just about 400 – 700 ml of the saline solution or air and then confiscate the catheter. The balloon has a self-sealing faucet. It floats flexibly within the belly. When full, the gastric balloon is very enormous to move into the bowel. It remains in place at least for six months before confiscation. Gastric balloon insertion is only intended at providing a provisional weight loss solution.

    Laparoscopic Gastric Balloon Post Procedure Advice

    The first few days following gastric balloon positioning, you might feel uncomfortable and nauseous. You will be given medications to treat your belly and the nausea problem. First three days after the insert, you follow an only liquid diet, slowly moving to a semi-solid food. It is usually uncomfortable until the belly becomes used to the existence of the intra gastric balloon. It is normal for patients to experience queasiness, vomiting, bloating, diarrhoea and cramping instantly after the process. Patients will be recommended to take a particular amount of time off work, usually about a week.

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