I am Kunal’s father Mr. Vishwajeet Mondal. I came to Delhi from Kolkata. My son is suffering from Optic Neuropathy from past 2 years. His treatment course is going on during which he developed some eye problems. His vision in both the eyes has reduced significantly. We were really bothered for him and took him to several clinics for treatment. But there were not much improvement in his condition. Then, we came to Delhi and got to know about stem cell treatment for optic atrophy from Stem Cell Care India. The doctors at Viezec promised us to treat my son’s eyes perfectly. So, as per their promise, they have been treating my son with great care and precision via stem cell therapy. Stem cells injections have been given to my son and doctors also gave him multi-vitamins tablets. we will be leaving for Kolkata on 5th  October 2020 and we are hopeful that this treatment works really well on him and we are quite appreciative of the staff of Viezec.