Hi, I have come here for the treatment of my son Vardaan Chauhan. He is 5.5 years old. Some time ago, when he was 3.5 years old, we noticed some irregularity in his behavior and verbal activity and also delay in speech. So, we consulted with some of the pediatricians and other doctors. At that time, we were suggested to opt for psychological assessment that was done in RML in 2008. Then, we finally got to know after so many discussions, reports and psychological assessments that he has autism disorder. Because of that disorder, he was not able to speak and had zero eye contact by that time and he was hyper active. So, we started with some occupational therapies and speech therapies occasionally. Then, few months back, we got to know about stem cell therapy from other people. We decided to opt for this via Viezec. After the stem cell therapy, my son’s condition has improved a lot. He is able to make eye contact now, which earlier he was not able to make. He now tries to pull and push us if he needs something. We can see positive results in a comparatively y shorter time. He tries to communicate with us. We are hopeful that his condition will improve further. The staff and doctors were very helpful. I am thankful to Viezec.