Clark is from Kenya and he came to India for his son’s stem cell treatment. Though a non-invasive treatment, having the crew who comprehend your doubts as somebody who does not have much familiarity regarding the stem cell therapy for Autism categorically made me feel comfortable. The finest and most esteemed thing about Stem Cell Care India is that they do not speak to their patients using medical verbiages. The crew discussed and clarified every miniscule part about Autism and how stem cell therapy can aid my son in a very clear and unpretentious way that we had no uncertainty or apprehension about it. It has been nearly 4.5 months since my 13-year-old son’s stem cell treatment for Autism at SCCI began and in at the present time, he is doing admirably in his day to day life and we have witnessed substantial improvement in his condition as equated to what it was before this therapy.