advanced cell therapy

Advanced Cell Therapy


  1. There are zero surplus costs after you arrive at our plant.
  2. Stem cells originating from cord tissue
  3. Pre-treatment rehabilitation with stem cell activation.
  4. IV vitamin therapy pre-treatment + detox control
  5. The 2-month stock of add-ons for Nutravivo stem cell activation

Debit & Credit Cards

We accept both Visa & Mastercard; the price is alike for all cards. Other renowned debit cards are also accepted.

Bank/Wire transfer

Via intercontinental wire transfer, we accept foreign payments as it is a rapid and safe payment process.

Our Payment Policy

We will ask for a 10 percent deposit to validate the treatment date, with the remaining amount being billed at the time of entry.

Imperative details

We have also listed the expenses below that are not covered by the normal rate of care. These expenses are required for the consent to be concluded and must be completed before care is scheduled. During the whole onboarding process, we are happy to provide logistical backing.

Pre-treatment labs

To be completed and returned before concluding care approval can be obtained, a few laboratory tests are necessary. Such exams should be conducted by your home doctor and are not included in the care rate; however, certain health insurance policies may include them. If required for coverage, a lab request may be made.

Are flights contained within?

We offer logistical backing that happens during the whole course and the procedure. However, the flights don’t fall in the base treatment charges. Is there a refund policy? Yes, there is a policy for refundable deposits that takes place within a month or before your treatment date.

Want more information?

Do you have any queries? Don’t worry. We can help you and answer all your queries.