Chief complain : Patient has known h/o hypothyroidism since age of 32 yrs old. Due to thyroid problem. She feels healthy but with low energy levels. She feels swelling over body with water retention and with swelling feet and ankles, also she feels forgetfulness.. PRESENT ILLNESS: she has sufferings of symptoms and signs associated with hypothyroidism. c/o, headaches, tiredness, bloating, coughing especially at night, swollen hands and feet, forgetting, persistent allergies, hyperpigmentation on face, lower abdominal discomfort, burning chest. c/o arthritic pain in hands – fingers bending unnaturally
I am Sudheesh come from Kerala. I am a retinitis pigmentosa patient. At childhood, my mother realizes my sight problem.  Then I go to so many hospitals there is no treatment for retinitis pigmentosa. Then I heard about viezec stem cell institue for treatment. Then I contacted here, and they explain everything about stem cell therapy. So I came here for treatment. It is very good treatment and services are also good. Doctors are very helpful to me. Everything is very good
Chief complaint: c/o dimness of vision in both eyes since birth and gradually it started dimness of vision in both eye during night time. The vision difficulty during night time was present since. Present Illness: A 33 years old male presented with history of dimness of vision in both eyes during night time/darkness since bith. He has got loss of vision in both eyes conservative medicinal treatment is going on. Patient overall health is good but his eyesight is not so good. his central vision affected much, compared with good peripheral vision. He can not read books or text on…


Bilateral Toxic Optic Neuropathy

Retinitis Pigmentosa Patient

Retinitis Pigmentosa

Pushkar Shamsher

Pushkar Shamsher from AU

Pushkar Shamsher

Pushkar Shamsher from Nepal

Sudheer Gara

Sudheer Gara from USA