I visited Viezec Stem Cell Institute with my condition, systemic lupus and was desperate to find a cure. I opted for Stem Cell Therapy and was administered the treatment. I was surprised to see the results. My lupus symptoms were all gone in just a few weeks, and I could resume my everyday life. I can say, in all honesty, that stem cell therapy has given me a new lease on life.
Hi, I am Saundarya from Canada, and I visited India with my sister for my treatment in Delhi. I found the best stem cell treatment for systemic lupus from India in the form of the Viezec Stem Cell Institute. I was initially skeptical, but the results and the rate at which I improved my condition were commendable. I’ll admit that I was terrified but somehow felt confident, too, as the staff there had explained to me every area of the transplantation process in simple terms. I’m happy to be healthy and fit! Thanks to all the team and doctors of…
I have suffered from arthritis for from last few years. I have tried all sorts of treatments, from traditional medicine to holistic treatments like stem cell therapy. I am happy to say that stem cell therapy has been the best treatment for me so far. I have managed my pain levels with it, and I feel like my joints are less swollen. I highly recommend stem cell treatment for arthritis patients.


Bilateral Toxic Optic Neuropathy

Retinitis Pigmentosa Patient

Retinitis Pigmentosa

Pushkar Shamsher

Pushkar Shamsher from AU

Pushkar Shamsher

Pushkar Shamsher from Nepal

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Sudheer Gara from USA