At Viezec, almost all the partakers have experienced no negative effects, all of it is majorly because, there are many processes implemented in the fine tuning and adept working of the protocol. This is all because of some of the following reasons:

  • Suitable facilities for this procedure.
  •  Treatments are done in a tidy up stay with all highlights of a clean working room.
  • Entrance to the zone requires clean exchanges allowing the procedure to be liberated from outer defilement.
  • Viezec consistently separates the stem cell for the procedure directly from a similar individual (autologous).
  • This practice dodges all the possible complexities of Graft-Versus-Host-Disease and numerous other auxiliary impacts.
  • Our center doesn’t control the cells.
  • Other organizations have had issues of developing tumors and contaminations attributable to control of the stem cells—this happens when refined stem cells constituents and controlling them in order to get cleaned stem cells.
  • There happens to be no manipulation, culture or significant time between the collecting and transfusion.
  • At Viezec, stem cell is not utilized, evading the moral issues that they include.
  • From the time of assortment or collection, until they are mixed, our stem cells are consistently made to stay in a catapulted framework, in any event, during enactment.
  • The future clinical utilization of stem cells are yet uncertain since they have an enlarged impact, over the top separation and optimized development, which could cause tumors.
  • These qualities give stem cells of the bone marrow a substantially more promising future for the regenerative medication.
  • In our experience, the worst case scenario is the point at which our convention doesn’t have any impact on the patient.
  • It may not reestablish tissue for certain people however we guarantee that it won’t have any adverse impact.
  • The convention is ok for your wellbeing.
  • Participants at Viezec, are rest ensured that on the grounds that early stage stem cells are not utilized, there is no danger of inciting tumors.

All things considered, the way that it isn’t impeding isn’t sufficient for Viezec India; our key goal is to improve your ailment just as your personal satisfaction.