For international patients, Viezec Stem Cell Institute offers the option to book an online or telephonic consultation with an accomplished and experienced doctor regarding their stem cell treatment.

Consultation without any charges
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Our remote consultation is a straightforward process with three easy steps:

Stem Cell Treatment

Query Submission

First, you’ll let us know what medical condition you’re suffering from. Send any reports that may be relevant to your condition.

Stem Cell Treatment


Our medical representative will contact you to help set up an appointment at a time of your choosing.

Stem Cell Treatment

Live Consultation

On your agreed date and time, you will receive a phone call or video conferencing link (as per your preference). The consulting doctor will provide you with the diagnosis and future course of action regarding the required stem cell treatment after talking with you and going through your reports (if any).


Our team of Certified Stem Cell Treatment Specialists

Consult our best stem cell experts from anywhere in the World! At Viezec Stem Cell Institute, we take the time to evaluate your requirements and connect you with a counselor who meets them perfectly.

Viezec Stem Cell Institute offers our renowned and certified specialists in stem cell treatment with many years of knowledge and expertise in the field of their specialization.

The Stem Cell Therapy surgeons who worked with Viezec are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to their patients. They work with a team of specialists and nurses to ensure the best possible outcomes through complete and effective treatment. Their surgeons are highly qualified and have obtained degrees from some of the top national and international institutions. They offer medical and surgical interventions based on the individual patient’s diagnosis and strive to provide the best clinical services for each patient.

You can contact our highly-trained surgeons through our live appointment structure, which you can schedule it for free at your time without any additional fee or charges.

The doctors at Viezec are equipped with the latest technology and techniques in Stem Cell Therapy, enabling them to provide the best possible care to their patients. Many of our surgeons possess sub-specializations in the field, allowing them to provide a tailored treatment plan that is specific to each individual case. Furthermore, our surgeons are pioneers in the field, leading the way in the development of new and innovative procedures to bring about improved healthcare in India.

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