India is home to a number of well-equipped hospitals and research centers, which lure international patients to visit the country and get the best treatment. Our language translation service is offered by professionals in order to ensure smooth and error free communication.The translation service is an integral part of arranging travelling for those seeking treatment, recovery, or complex diagnostic checkup in New Delhi, India.The translators not only help in communication, but also the translation of medical and other documents.

The list of medical documents that patients might need in India during the treatment, recovery, or complex diagnostic checkup and that under any circumstances need translation, most frequently translation is needed for below documents:
  • Health record (medical history
  • Healthcare providers’ opinions and treatment regimen
  • Surgery minutes by surgeons
  • Research and analysis outcomes
  • Health certificates
  • Reports on the use of medicine, etc.

The translators working with us have years of experience and can perform their task with perfection. They are well aware of pros and cons of such type of translation services. Even a minor mistake or inaccuracy while translating a medical report or doctor’s opinion may significantly affect the follow-up treatment and do considerable harm to the patient’s health.