1. Airport transfer amenities
  2. Providing language translators
  3. Special dietary prerequisites/religious arrangements
  4. Foreign Exchange, free SIM card and free internet facility
  5. Pre and Post operation formalities
  6. Preferential and Personalized treatment facility
  7. Updates for families back at home
  8. Leisure trip/rejuvenation
upon arrival

Upon arrival, we at Viezec, make sure that everything falls as per the preliminary planning. It begins with pick up and drop facility from the airport. The arrival amenities embrace a list of services which primarily ensures to help the patient to have a peaceable stay at the hospital.

  • Our coordinator / executive will get you at the airport and drop you to your selected hotel.
  • On-demand, we can also arrange for local SIM card as well so that you remain linked with your near and dear ones back home.
  • We familiarize the patient to the doctor during an OPD consultation.
  • We assure that somebody is there with the patient during the time when examinations and OPD consultations take place. This individual will be a language professional who can comprehend the patient language with remarkable ease. With this, it is ensured that the patient will not have to run here and there to find his way out for diverse examinations and OPDs, until the time the patient’s procedure is fixed and he is admitted.
  • Our crew keeps on visiting the patient during his stay at the hospital and makes sure that the attendants are also befittingly looked after.
  • We even keep on updating the referral doctor about the improvement of the patient.
  • We treat you as a family and are always there to make provisions or the attendants tours during the course of recovery of the patient. It is all according to the family wish.
  • Our services also consist of getting the patient discharge and help patient settle his bills with the hospital.
  • We keep our services intact even at the concluding stage. We make your arrangement for transport to the airport for the patient’s return journey to his home country.

Viezec offers sensational opportunities of wellness and rejuvenation tips to the medical tourists who desire to stay fit during their medical breaks. We even facilitate lots of spas and resorts for providing diverse kinds of massages, aromatherapies and other alternative treatments. We also help you get an appointment with one of the veteran and highly brilliant physiotherapist if needed. There are admirable, contemporary facilities for diagnosing the varied disorders and curing them by using customary medicine. Usually, when a patient comes to India for medical treatment, then on front of his mind is his wellbeing and tourism takes a back seat. However, if the whole tour is planned beforehand, at the time of planning to come to India for treatment then why not give some touch to your medical treatment and make the experience an unforgettable one.
India has Greater Himalayas forming the crown of incredible India and the Arabian Sea that rinses the shores of the nation in the South and from the golden deserts in the West to the culture and tribes of East, when it comes to tourist fascinations in India and places to visit, there is so much to see and do in India that could keep even the frilliest of travelers busy. Attractions in India take account of mountains, monuments, beaches, tropical islands, jungles, hill stations, temples and a range of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There is the spectacular Taj Mahal in Agra that draws zillions of visitors from across the globe and then there are the dazzling forts and palaces in Rajasthan that is yet another draw.
Serene Backwaters of Kerala, good hill stations in Nilgiris and the miniature emerald of Goa renowned for its beaches, parties and nightlife. For higher calling, there is the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Tirupati Balaji in South and the Vaishno Devi in North. Group of monuments also form chief attractions in India particularly the Khajuraho, Hampi, Halebidu and Mahabalipuram and Konark.