If you compare healthcare treatment cost of India and western countries, you will find significant difference. Indian healthcare sector offers treatment of numerous diseases at cost effective rates, which is one third of western countries. India has no parallels in healthcare cost when it comes to treatments in comparison with other western and developed countries. Researchers find significant cost differences between Indian and western countries healthcare cost. In addition, the waiting time for consultation which are almost negligible in case of Indian healthcare service provider. After all, your health cannot be put at stake due to long waiting lists.

Generally, it is seen that healthcare cost of India is almost one third if compared with western countries. So, if you are suffering from any major or minor ailment and need immediate medical intervention which is inevitable and urgent, and you are hard pressed to pay from your savings, Indian hospitals and research centers are the best option for medical assistance. Would you not go to a country where high quality and professional healthcare service providers provide care for a fraction of the cost? Your answer must be yes.

Although costs in healthcare treatment in European countries and western countries less than that in the India. If researchers are to be believed that India is the least expensive if compared to European as well as other Asian countries. Apart from the cost benefit, patients will have the same sophistication in healthcare in India as available in any western country. In addition, tour operators such as Indian Holiday provide medical tourism packages at competitive prices and offer you aeasy recovery from your ailments and a great holiday too.