The Cost of Stem Cell Therapy

Researchers are finding extraordinary and more inventive ways of medical treatments. For example, stem cell therapy in India grasped recognition when people noticed that it has the power to make improvements in multiple diseases.

Some people believe that stem cell treatment costs a fortune. However, it is an innovative idea that has taken medical procedures to a highly advanced level, which is helpful to patients with degenerative diseases. This therapy is a regenerative solution where healthy tissues restore damaged tissues for relief from fatal diseases at a cost that doesn’t weigh heavily on the patient’s pocket.

In this article, we’ll briefly discuss the cost associated with stem cell treatments and the treatment procedure.

cost of stem cell therapy

How Much Does Stem Cell Treatment Cost?

Stem cell therapy is a complex method, and scientists are still finding more possible results from the treatment. The patients undergoing this treatment must be subjected to proper physical and emotional care. The cost of stem cell therapy in India depends on many factors, including the quality of treatment, types of stem cells used, availability of treatment, the source of therapy, where the laboratory is located, and many more, etc. However, the cost of the treatment varies from country to country and is designed differently in most countries.

The treatment expenditure is provided once the patients submit their medical history records to the hospital staff. Moreover, most stem cell therapies are personalized, and there is a difference in dosage from one person to another, thereby obscuring the pricing. Finally, the treatment depends highly on the research laboratory where the cells are acquired, the total count of stem cells administered, and the regulations the governing body sets for the clinic.

The Cost of Stem Cell Therapy at Viezec Stem Cell Institute

Cost of Stem Cell Transplantation in India Advancements in medical sciences have made it possible to cure several diseases & abnormalities to give a new life to the suffering patient. One such treatment is stem cell transplant, a revolutionary method to fix several lethal diseases.

With Viezec Stem Cell Institute, stem cell therapy is the proper procedure involving various non-serious to severe life-threatening disorders, including neuromuscular, and degenerative diseases. Moreover, the stem cells are acquired from multiple sources, which makes it ahead of its game. While the conventional methods and therapies fail to show significant results, Stem cell therapy is the one to be considered effective as well as minimally invasive, and it becomes the alternative treatment option.

Regarding the stem cell therapy cost at Viezec, it would be best to discuss it with your facility. It prominently depends on the type of injury, the disease to be treated, where the clinic is located, where the stem cells are extracted, and various other health troubles. An expert specialist can be the best help in explaining all about the treatment, from the cost of the treatment to the type of treatment that must be used for your specific condition.

Note: Viezec also offers stem cell transplantation aiming at post-acute COVID-19 syndrome. After the treatment, patients can expect fewer complications, improved recovery time, a reduction in the symptoms of COVID-19, and an overall decrease in inflammation throughout the body.

What type of stem cells is being administered?  

In stem cell therapy costs, the type of regulated stem cells plays a considerable role. Therefore, some different types of cells are divided into a category:

  1. Adult stem cells– These stem cells can be extracted from most of the tissues in the body, inclusive of the parts like fat and peripheral blood. They can also be isolated from human umbilical cords and placental tissue. Once the stem cells have been well harvested, these stem cells are then sent to the laboratory, where the cells are purified and further assessed for quality checks before being reintroduced. The most common types of adult stem cells are the ones which are called Mesenchymal stem cells.
  2. Human Umbilical Cord tissue mesenchymal stem cells– The Health care provider uses cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells that are segregated from the umbilical cord tissue. These cells are stretched into greater numbers and more significant strict, internationally recognized guidelines for sure signs. Among many other things, mesenchymal stem cells from the umbilical cord tissue are identified to help lessen inflammation and moderate the immune system. They secrete elements that support the central nervous system to rejuvenate.
  3. Adipose stem cells- These cells are also known as fat stem cells and are isolated cells that are not readily available to the rest of the body for repair or any immune modulation. The fat-derived stem cells are successfully used to treat multiple diseases, lasting many years with positive outcomes.

Does stem cell therapy cost vary in different countries?

Yes, it does, vary from country to country, and that is majorly dependent on the laboratory where the cells are extracted and the total count of stem cells administered. The regulations the governing body places on the clinic. The stem cell therapy costs in the USA will differ from the therapy costs in Mexico and India.

It is very transparent that there is a global trend toward more appropriate restrictions and increased funding for stem cell research. The progress in stem cell treatment is promising for scientists, researchers, and patients struggling with diseases.

Why Should You Consider Viezec Stem Cell Institute for Stem Cell Therapy?

Over the past few years, India has been the new medical destination for stem cell therapies. As a reputed and well-known stem cell care clinic in India, we have offered stem cell therapies for years and delivered very positive results in the medical sector. We have cutting-edge technology and the latest medical support for all medical procedures. In addition, Viezec offers hurdle-free pick-up and drop-up from the airport for international patients. We try to provide each service at cost-effective rates.

We have a tie-up with hotels, guest houses, and service apartments in the area of the research institutes and hospitals for our international patients and their attendants and family members.

Don’t trust your stem cell treatment to a clinic without proper credentials and experience. Instead, please schedule an appointment today by completing our contact form on the website.