Once you plan your visit to India for treatment, let us know as we will be arranging appointment and accommodation for you. It is important to us is ensuring that our visitors feel relaxed and happy when arriving and get the best treatment at affordable costs.Viezec understands that seeking medical treatment in India for international patients can be a physically and emotionally exhausting experience. In addition, the process can be stressful too. We have professionals strive to ensure that the patients not only feel at home, but also go back to their country in good health.

We are a professional medical consultant in New Delhi, India and are trying to provide you complete information about our hospitals, doctors and range of services you need before, during and after the treatment. We also tried our level best to convince you why to choose India as a medical tourism destination.Do take your time to find out who we are, where we are, what services we provide, and what our facilities are. Once you are completely satisfied with our services, fill in online form before planning your visit.

Viezec organizes stay of the international patients in reputed five star, three star or comfortable guest houses prior and post your treatment if required – according to the budget.Apart from this, there are a number of other reasons for which we advise patients visiting India to decide their travel plans in advance. The cost of flight ticket booking is also cost effective if booked in advance. Guest houses also charge much lower to the patients booking in advance. If you have travel plans to explore attraction in India, let us know so that we can talk to you and tailor your medical tourism in India as per the budget.