What is domestic medical tourism?

Domestic medical tourism is the practice of traveling from one city to another or one state to another within one`s nation for medical care that is either not available in one`s own vicinity or is less expensively available in another locality. Domestic medical tourism which is a recent notion in the medical tourism industry is speedily picking up pace particularly within India. As it pertains to India, domestic medical tourism is giving and getting medical tourism services within Indian territories. That is, the patient voyages from one city to another city in India or one state to another state within India. Domestic medical tourism goes by numerous other names, such as, medical tourism within India, discounted surgery in India, local medical tourism, inbound medical tourism, out of state medical tourism, out of state medical travel, out of state health care, in-country medical tourism and in-country medical travel, amongst others.

domestic medical tourism

Advantages of domestic medical tourism

  • Low cost for elective high-cost surgical processes, such as orthopedic procedures (like hip replacement, knee replacement), cardiac care (like heart bypass, valve replacement/repair), spinal surgeries (like spine fusion, disk replacement), bariatric processes (like gastric bypass, lap band), etc. Prices for these techniques are highly discounted and might be as low as 15%* – all this without any compromise on the quality of care. This is obtainable to patients who pay cash up front. Hospitals are able to offer such reasonable prices as their administrative costs are significantly reduced when they don`t have to chase the payer for reimbursement. Although the cost of techniques at these domestic providers are not the lowest equated to foreign medical tourism for similar level of quality of care, but when travel and other linked expenses are factored in, local medical travel proves to be enormously cost-effective.
  • High quality of care, because hospitals are accredited by the Joint Commission. When you work through Viezec, the principal domestic medical tourism facilitator, we comprehensively screen the domestic providers in our network using such benchmarks as accreditation by the Joint Commission to make sure that the medical care delivered to you is top-notch while simultaneously is cost-effective. We also make certain that the facilities in our network have performed a good-sized number of the processes sought by our clienteles.
  • Shorter distance to be toured. The distance traveled by domestic medical tourists is usually less compared to those traveled by universal medical tourists. Therefore, the inconveniences of long flights are circumvented. Also, there are no passports and visa required when roaming within your nation. The travel expenditures for you and your companion are normally reduced.
  • No language or cultural barriers. Domestic medical tourism has the advantage of at-home feeling particularly in the context of US domestic medical tourism as English is spoken nationwide by everybody and the nation enjoys a homogeneous culture.
  • Access to legal recourse. Providers in the India are required to carry malpractice insurance so patients have access to legal remedy in the case of an unforeseen consequence.


Availability of domestic medical tourism

    Viezec works with numerous domestic providers of quality healthcare that are spread across the whole of India. We are in the course of expanding our domestic network of providers to some more states and hospitals. Register for more info about these affordable accredited domestic healthcare facilities near you. Registration is free of cost and warrants you to free and personalized cost estimation for any surgery offered by our network of domestic healthcare providers.

Note: Techniques, locations and prices are subject to availability.




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