Viezec is not the usual type for some other stem cell treatment service provider. Since its origin, we have been creating and also upgrading our stem cell treatment conventions with the idea that incitement via number of the steady treatments which is basic to expand stem cell regenerative reaction. Our treatment procedure allows our patient to augment their enhancements. Study the various treatments gave in our treatment rehearses.

Acupuncture therapy

Acupuncture therapy is a technique in which the experts invigorate specific focuses on the body – regularly by embedding the dainty needles by means of the skin. It is one of the best practices utilized in old-style Chinese medication. Acupuncture therapy stirs nerve strands to pass on signs to the spinal line and mind, invigorating the body’s focal sensory system. The spinal line and mind at that point discharge hormones responsible for causing us to feel less agony while improving by and large wellbeing. Needle therapy may likewise: upsurge blood flow and internal heat level, influence white platelet action (answerable for our invulnerable capacity), decline cholesterol and triglyceride levels and standardize glucose levels.

Aqua Therapy

Aquatic Physical Therapy is the act of non-intrusive treatment in an extraordinarily planned water pool with a specialist. The excellent properties of the oceanic condition expand intercessions for patients with neurological or musculoskeletal conditions. Sea-going treatment grasps an across the board assortment of procedures allowing patients to improve their parity, muscle quality and body mechanics. Oceanic treatment attempts to help the restoration procedure and bolster effectiveness of undifferentiated organism treatment.

Epidural Stimulation

Epidural stimulation has supported patients to recover some of the deliberate engine work. The innovation involves a gadget embedded in the epidural space which continually conveys electric signs to the spinal rope. These electric signs copy the ones that are conveyed by the cerebrum to willfully control the body’s developments. The epidural stimulation device is offered by Medtronic.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is the clinical utilization of oxygen at a level upper than barometrical weight. The hardware fundamental includes pressure chamber, which may be of unbending or adaptable development, and a methods for providing 100% oxygen into the respiratory framework. Distributed examination shows that HBOT upsurges the lifetime of stem cells tretament after vaccination and offers an oxygen-rich air for the body to work at ideal levels.

Nerve Growth Factor (NGF)

Nerve Growth factor (NGF) is an individual from the neurotrophic factor (neurotrophin, NTFS) family, which can hinder the passing of nerve cells and has a few highlights of run of the mill synapse particles. NGF assumes a basic job in the turn of events and development of nerve cells. NGF is integrated and discharged by tissues (corneal epithelial, endothelial, and corneal stromal cells), and it tends to be up-taken by thoughtful or tangible nerve endings and afterward passed on to be put away in neuronal cell bodies where it can support the development and separation of nerve cells. NGF can apply neurotrophic impacts on harmed nerves and advance neurogenesis (the methodology of creating neurons from foundational microorganisms) that is firmly identified with the turn of events and utilitarian support and darning of the focal sensory system. It is additionally adroit of empowering the recovery of harmed neurons in the fringe sensory system, improving the pathology of neurons and guarding the nerves against hypoxia (absence of oxygen)/ischemia (absence of blood flexibly).

Nutrition Therapy

Medical Nutrition treatment (MNT) is a helpful approach to treat ailments and their related side effects by the utilization of an explicitly customized diet defined and observed by a master. The treatment focuses at fixing dietary wasteful aspects and physiological awkward nature in order to give the most ideal condition to the immature microorganisms to grow suitably just as improving patient’s general wellbeing.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy Interventions the focus on adjusting the earth, reconsidering the errand and showing the expertise, to upsurge investment in and execution of regular exercises, overwhelmingly those that are important to the patient with physical, mental, or subjective diseases. Our word related specialists likewise center a lot of their work on recognizing and killing natural boundaries to autonomy and cooperation in everyday exercises, much the same as regular day to day existence.


Non-intrusive treatment or physiotherapy (regularly shortened to PT) is a physical medication and restoration claim to fame that, by utilizing mechanical power and activities, remediates harms and advances adaptability, capacity and personal satisfaction by means of assessment, finding, visualization and physical mediation. We consolidate our PT with stem cells for preeminent physical recovery enhancements.