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VIEZEC is a stem cell therapy centre situated in Delhi, India. We are licensed with the Indian government. A variety of diseases, including autoimmune & degenerative illnesses, wear & tear & age-related diseases, are currently being treated. We plan to provide patients with quality cellular therapy and attentive pre and post treatment services as well. Our associates are willing to deliver an incremental care that is difficult to receive in India.

Outstanding Results

We have successfully treated a lot of patients with stem cell treatment. The success rate of tretaments are very high with Viezec.

Safe & Regulated

Our team of experts and crew works due diligently on the safe and regenerative medical experience. The stem cell center is accredited with the Government.

Cord Tissue-Derived Mesenchymal Cells

We have our fully registered cGMP compliant, ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified laboratory in India, we source our cells from the laboratory.

Easily Accessible

We are situated in New Delhi. We are professional, hospitable& forward thinking.

Why Partner with VIEZEC?

The referral network of VIEZEC is built to deliver a sought-after service that is available in India. As stem cell therapy provider, we are continually trying to discover the most successful ways to handle our patients’ diseases. Old-style treatments are not appropriate for certain patients to give the respite they desire. The distance between conventional and regenerative medicine can be bridged by us.

  1. Completely permitted& registered
  2. More than 10 years of service
  3. Sourced from a fully ISO 9001 accredited laboratory in India,
  4. The new clinic
  5. Secure, appropriate place
  6. Coverage in hospital logistics
  7. Cross backing in ads
  8. Authorized in full
  9. Advanced Testing of Cell Viability