After you have had treatment with our network of hospitals, we will provide you with a post-operative care sheet so that you know how best to take care of yourself or your new restorations. The post treatment guidelines help patients get healed quickly with minimal pain. Do you know why a patient needs post treatment care? Especially after surgery a patient needs proper care in order to get healed quickly. Any surgery anywhere in the body can lead to neuropathic pains due to the cut ends of nerves in skin and other tissues can set up a cascade of irritation in the nervous system. After the surgery, people sometimes may face pain, hypersensitivity to touch and pressure, stiffness, swelling, etc.

The stem cell therapy and other treatment by Indian hospitals do not negatively affect patients in any way. Generally, the patients are allowed to leave the hospital or clinic after few hours after the completion of the stem cell treatment or surgery. Even after the discharge, patients can contact their respective healthcare service providers round the clock. The concerned physicians and surgeons of the hospitals also stay in contact with their respective patients via telephone or email. We help our patients get treatment done by a reputed hospital, which not only provide high quality treatment at cost effective rates, but also prompt and satisfactory post treatment care.

Reputed healthcare centers and research hospitals in India provide round the clock patient hotline number to serve patients after their discharge. By doing so, the doctors can get the accurate feedback about their progress and also recommend further rehabilitation if required. Sometimes, the doctors also advise some kind of medication for immediate healing. For example, in case of a diabetic patient, after hearing about the patient’s present health conditions and symptoms, the concerned doctor can prescribe the necessary dosage of insulin.Post care treatment is decided as per the requirement and budget of patients.