Mohammad Anus from Dubai
Chhote Lal for Physiotherapy
Chhote Lal for Parkinson Therapy
Chhote Lal from Kanpur
Mohammed Usama Khan from Hyderabad
Poonam Devi From Haryana
Devendra Singh From MP
Shyamal Sarkar – Optic Nerve Atrophy
Father of Ms. Leila Motaghi
Fazlolah Motaghi from Iran
B Satya Narayan from Kolkata
Rohit From Hyderabad
Vardhan Chauhan – Gurgaon
Afnaf Naushad – Kerala
Archana Singh – MP
Nouras Astanli Father- UAE
Nouras Astanli From UAE
Borisade from Nigeria
Borisade from Nigeria
Father of Saatvik Singh