Patients and their attendants travelling New Delhi, India, for undergoing a treatment course, recovery, rehabilitation, or complex checkup may face difficulties in communication. Keeping in mind their requirement, Viezec is associated with a number of interpreters. In the absence of the interpreters, it becomes tough to establish communication especially with doctors and supporting medical personnel. International patients face communication problem understanding complex medical terms.

Interpretation services are available:

  • During all treatment and checkup procedures
  • While exploring market
  • At doctor’s appointment
  • During communication with medical personnel
Viezec offers their clients interpretation services by professional interpreters with specialized knowledge of medical area. The interpreter with exceptional knowledge supports the patient through all stages of treatment once the patients land at airport in India. Apart from making communication easy, the interpreter helps the patient in communication with doctors and medical personnel and also advises how to resolve everyday issues, adjust in the country, and win over the language barrier.