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Ayurveda Treatment in Delhi, India

Ayurveda treatment in New Delhi, India, have become a popular option among people who want to a mind blowing holiday by touring the historic city of India as an escape from the mundane and hectic everyday existence. Apart from home to a number of national and international historic monuments, it boasts of many Ayurveda treatment centers. Practiced for over 5,000 years, this form of treatment is known as India’s traditional natural healing system. Ayurvedic resorts and hospitals have become popular destinations among national as well as international visitors for relaxation and rejuvenation in India. Some ayurvedic institutions and hospitals cater the demand of people seeking ayurvedic treatment for life threating health problems.

Benefits of Ayurveda Medicine

There are a number of benefits of Ayurvedic medicines, including beneficial for metabolic, stress related, and chronic conditions. Such a medication is also very helpful for recovering from injuries and illnesses. They do not have harmful chemicals as the ingredients utilized in the medicines are mostly derived from plants, herbs, flowers, fruits, etc. making it a remedy close to nature. On the other hand, it is believed that, such a medicine does not have any side effects.

Some common features of Ayurveda Treatment

  • Herbal and natural health care system
  • Medicines are completely safe
  • Mind, body and spirit healing
  • Eliminate the cause of the disease
  • Herbal cure for the diseases

Common treatment strategies in Ayurveda:

Cleansing method (Shodan):The main purpose of the cleansing method is to remove excess toxins from the body. In Ayurveda, healthcare service providers believe that toxins are the root cause of numerous diseases. So, they cleanse different parts of the body, which is known aspancha karma. In order to get the toxins out from the body, they use Oil, whichcan pick and remove various toxins as well as viruses and bacteria available in the human body.

Shama (Palliation): This is also a very effective medium of healing. In the procedure, the patient uses a combination of herbs, fasting, yoga& breathing exercises, meditation and lying in the sun for short periods. People will are advised to adoptShama (Palliation) for fast healing. Such a ayurveda treatment is specialty of India so people from all over the world coming here and taking the best treatments at cost effective rate.

Rejuvenation (Rasayana): This form of ayurveda treatment procedure includes revitalizing the tissues, promoting longevity & memory and thus helping in rejuvenation. The procedure is also known astonification meaning enhance the body’s natural ability to function. The patients are advised to use herbs, mineral preparations, and perform exercises, specifically yoga and breathing exercises.

Satvajaya (Spiritual healing): This ayurveda treatment procedure involves releasing psychological stress, emotional distress, and unconscious negative beliefs. This is possible only by improving the mind to reach a higher level of spiritual/mental functioning. It uses mantra or sound therapy,yantra, or concentrating on geometric figures, tantra to direct energies through the bodyand meditation.

How much does ayurvedic treatment cost in India?

However, the cost of ayurveda treatment in delhi, India, depends upon hospital to hospital, you should not worry as Viezec would take you to a very good hospital, where you will get the best treatment at cost effective rates. Some multi-specialty hospitals and research institutes in India really offer world class treatment at cost effective rates.  They are well equipped with modern techniques and skilled professionals. The treatment is proven effective to treat less complicated diseases to life threatening problems.

Viezec is one of the leading healthcare service providers in New Delhi, India, with network of renowned hospitals and institutes specializing in providing treatment of different non serious and serious health complications. Our range of services starts from medical enquiry to treatment. The multi-specialty hospitals and research institutesalso design wellness packageto unwind and rejuvenate your body, relieve your mind of anxiety and invigorate your energy, so that you can enjoy life to the utmost. If you do not have any health complication, then it is you can consider Wellness Package, which provides you the ideal rejuvenation treat for keeping toned at all levels and attaining a healthy glow.

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