Disclaimer Policy

Viezec is a reputed and known healthcare consultant in India with a wide network of hospitals and research centers helping domestic as well as international customers get treatment in India. Viezec cannot be made liable / responsible for any delay, default, failure, improper services / deficiency in medical tourism or other services provided by its network.

Even though it has been associated with reputed and known companies only, our company should not be responsible for any injury, sickness, accident, discomfort, death, loss or damage of any kind whatsoever which may take place owing to any act of negligence, deficiency or default in services, of the management or employees of the network Institution.

The data in the website is collected from different sources so no one is responsible if there is any discrepancy.

Viezec or its affiliates or associates or its workforces do not provide any judgments or warranty in respect of the authenticity or correctness of the content and services to which links are provided. A link to another website is not an endorsement of any products or services on such site or the site.

Our company is not responsible for direct or indirect emergency, complication or medical requirement, of whatsoever nature, taking place with regard to the Patient’s treatment due to the Patient’s present or past illness or the side effects / allergy of / to drugs or lack of satisfactory treatment, pre, during or post treatment will be the absolute responsibility of the Treating clinic/hospital and / or the treating Doctor.

The treating institution and hospital shall be entirely responsible for all the treatments, advice, opinion and follow up of the attendants and patients, and Viezec shall not be responsible for the same.

Treating institution/treating doctor should inform the patient and his attendants/relatives/escorts/assistants regarding the cost of treatment/surgery to be undergone and get the consent of the patient and/or his/her attendants/relatives/escorts/assistants in writing to pay for the treatment, surgery or assist the treating institution to secure payment from the medical insurance company, as the case may be. Our company is not responsible.

We do not entertain attendants/relatives/escorts/assistants of patients if they have any complain regarding the treatment/ service etc. They can directly make the complaint to the treating institution or the treating doctors.

We are a facilitator and do not provide healthcare service directly. We are associated with the best Hospitals/Clinics and Research Centers of India ensuring best treatment. If there is any discrepancy in the treatment or services, then the concerned authority is the sole responsible. Viezec is not responsible.