At Viezec, one of India’s top medical centres offering the finest and most-effective stem cell treatment, we follow a simple 5-step procedure to provide international patients with the best medical care.

Step 1: Send Us Your Medical History

To begin the treatment process, first, we’ll give your medical history a thorough look. Our highly-qualified doctors will search for any specific factors that need to be kept in mind while conducting the treatment, such as any previous ailments that can cause any significant side effects.

Step 2: Consult with a Medical Specialist Before Confirming Your Trip

Going abroad for healthcare treatment is a significant decision. We want you to have complete knowledge about the treatment process and what you can expect. To give you a clear idea, we will schedule a free online consultation with a qualified doctor at a time that is convenient for you. The doctor will let you know every detail about your treatment process so you can make an informed decision.

Step 3: Confirm Your Appointment Dates and We’ll Handle Everything from There

After the consultation, if you’re satisfied with the information about what you can expect during the treatment, you can confirm your treatment dates, and our patient support team will take care of all the necessary arrangements from there. We will ensure that your travel from the airport to our centre is smooth, your accommodation here during treatment is comfortable, and the specialist doctor for your treatment does not have any other cases on hand to help focus on your treatment alone.

Step 4: Uninterrupted and Complete Support Throughout the Entire Treatment

Once you are under our expert medical care, you can rest assured that you will get the best possible care and support from our trained staff and accomplished doctors. We never leave our patients without support so that they are comfortable during the entire treatment process.

Step 5: Follow-up Even After Treatment

Viezec believes in building patient trust through our medical services. Our healthcare team provides assistance with any issues you may be facing after the completion of treatment. We conduct regular follow-ups to ensure that your health is in optimum condition. You can get in touch with our experts anytime to seek help.