Viezec Patient’s Review

    Riya Sarkar

    Hi, I am Riya Sarkar. I have come here from Kolkata. In 2015, I suffered from tuberculosis meningitis. After that, I lost the vision in my eyes. In order to get an apt yet effective treatment, I consulted a lot of doctors at a lot of hospitals like Vimhans, CMC, etc. But, everywhere, the doctors told me that my condition is incurable and there isn’t any treatment for my condition. After that, we Contacted Viezec. Initially, I was very nervous and scared before taking the stem cell treatment. However, the doctors at Viezec treated me so well. They carried out my treatment so well and with utmost carefulness. I am really happy after receiving treatment from Viezec.

    Md Anas

    Mohammad Anas Stem Cell therapy for Diabetes Mellitus & Neuropathy I live in Dubai, and I visited India for Stem Cell therapy. I was diagnosed with Diabetes and Neurotic troubles. I went from one treatment to another in search of effective treatment but was disappointed every time. I’m satisfied with the stem cell therapy at Viezec so far and await positive and better results in the future as well.

    Aditya Jain

    I was diagnosed with degenerative myopia 13 yrs ago. I have been battling this condition ever since. Tried everything possible from multi vitamins to various examinations and doctor consultations. I had troubles with peripheral vision, bright light, and dim light. I came across Viezec, started my treatment and now my condition has improved drastically. I’m very satisfied with the results and would recommend their treatment facility to all who need help with conditions that are often termed as incurable.

    MD Anowar Hossain

    I have been battling disability for two years and nine months. For the first time I visited Bangladesh hospital for treatment, consultation went fine but no solution no progress. Then I got to know about stem cell treatment and started to Google more about it any hospital nearby. My research landed me to for Viezec and the staff got in touch with us, they told us that the treatment is possible so, we came here. They asked me to fill the patient information and provide all the documents related to my condition. During my treatment here I can assure it went really well, it was a very cooperative environment. I’m satisfied with the treatment.