Stem Cell Treatment for Bone Marrow Transplant

The stem cell treatment for Bone Marrow Transplant in India is an alternative solution to the traditional bone marrow transplant. The therapy has become popular to treat people needed bone marrow transplant. If the transplanted stem cells came from the bloodstream, then the procedure is known as peripheral blood stem cell transplant, however sometimes shortened to “stem cell transplant. The method is not only a successful procedure, but is also cost effective. Indian hospitals have teams of experts to carry out stem cell treatment for Bone Marrow Transplant in Delhi with perfection.

Before a transplant, the patient should also think about non-medical factors, which include:

      • Who will care for you during treatment
      • How long you will be away from work and family responsibilities
      • Whether your insurance pays for the transplant
      • Who can help you during transplant appointments

Earlier, patients who required a stem cell transplant received a “bone marrow transplant” as the stem cells were extracted from the bone marrow. But nowadays, stem cells are usually collected from the blood, instead of the bone marrow. For this reason, they are now are more commonly called stem cell transplants. A part of your bones called “bone marrow” makes blood cells so doctors perform Stem Cell Treatment for Bone Marrow Transplant in India.

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When is stem cell transplant used?

A stem cell transplant is one of the best and most trusted option considered for cancer conditions and also non-cancerous ones. In case of some cancers like multiple myeloma or leukemia.  There also exists other cancers which are considered as a case of relapse. A stem cell treatment for Bone Marrow transplant in Delhi is done for various blood disorders. The doctor who is handling your specific condition will determine and be sure whether allogenic or autologous transplantation. The doctor will understand your need and also determine whether or not you have a life-threatening condition, types of cancer, age, and overall health, it also takes into account whether or not a suitable donor is available. An autologous transplantation is associated with less of serious side effects, since, the patient is transplanted with his own cells the complication chances are minimum. The autologous transplant may be quiet effective and better than an allogenic transplant to help treat certain kinds of cancer.

In case of an allogeneic transplant, it has a major component which acts as overall benefit of a stem cell transplant and is an immunological phenomenon which is called graft versus tumour effect. This condition arises because the transplanted donor cells fight against the patient’s tumour cells and kill them. In many cases of cancers, the immune response which is caused by the transplanted cell may improve the overall effectiveness of the treatment. This immune response helps kill the residual cancer cells which tend to remain in the patient’s body for long. However, a major concern is that at times, the transplanted cells may fight against the patient’s own cells as well, which is called graft versus host disease.

What are the sites of stem cell collection?

Stem cells can be accumulated well from the following:

      • Bone Marrow – it is a common site of stem cell retrieval, marrow from the pelvic bone is generally common and mostly sited from.
      • Peripheral Blood – Stem cells occur in the blood bone marrow. The stem cells in the blood can be accumulated and harvested by a machine which is called cell separator. The procedure usually lasts for as long as 4-6 hours at the least. Drugs are provided for a few days and the procedure takes more stem cells in the bone marrow which is spilled out in the blood.

How the stem cell transplant is imparted?

It is quiet similar or more or less similar to a blood transfusion process. Following the intense course of chemotherapy which can sometime be replaced with radiotherapy, the solution is made of stem cells and is or inserted into a vein via a drip. The stem cells travel through the bloodstream and conclude up in the bone marrow. This is the place where they start to make the blood cells. This process may take several weeks for the bone marrow to recover, to take up the transplanted stem cells, and to make enough new blood cells. During this time the patient will need to be in hospital and be closely monitored. The doctor may ask you to stay post the procedure for further and close observation, so as to ensure no after effects persist in the patient.

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