28-year-old Jacob suffered from weakness on the right side of his body and also experienced trouble in speaking while he was coming back from office. A brain MRI scan at a nearby hospital displayed that he had an ishchemic stroke because of decreased blood supply. After a couple of surgeries and treatment sessions, he and his wife decided to fly down to India for stroke stem cell treatment. The crew of Viezec has been very helpful to book appointments with the best doctors in India. They did not have to be terrified of anything. The Viezec team was very professional too. He says, “We did not envisage that our medical trip could be so hassle -free. I contemplate myself fortunate to have communicated with Stem Cell Care India. They are the right folks for anybody looking for taking up a treatment in India.” After the treatment, the patient has now recuperated his limb power, has presented significant progress in speech and is also safe from future strokes.