After encountering a bike accident in college, Kelly living in Texas developed Optic Nerve Atrophy (ONA), which triggered her vision to worsen over numerous years to the point where she had to quit from her job as well. ONA is a mild to severe impairment to the optic nerve that can unpleasantly affect central vision, peripheral vision and color vision. In Kelly’s case, she suffered head trauma in the accident and soon after experienced an eccentric sensation. Her vision damage was not abrupt, but advanced over time. She first began losing her visualization peripherally. This was a very sluggish and a steady process. She was still able to partake normally in sports and classes in high school. The outcome was an improvement in her visual insight, from being able to see zilch to being able to notice light. It was concluded that she suffered from ONA. Then, her family decided to take her to India for stem cell treatment. They came here via Viezec and now, after the treatment, she is relay doing well. There can be massive improvements seen in her vision.