Hi, I am Mariam from UK. Last year, I was suffering from acute kidney issues that were hampering my normal course of life a lot. I went in for treatment via antibiotics as I was a critical CKD patient, my serum Creatinine had reached grave levels. I had unfailingly resisted requests for a dialysis and wanted to do stem cell therapy so to circumvent the need of dialysis henceforth in future as well.

Stem Cell Care India’s protocol for CKD dictates the inoculation of mesenchymal stem cells, straight to the kidneys via catheter (Intra-arterial Administration via catheter). However, it is imperative for the safety of the patient for the creatinine levels to be less than 4 to eradicate any risk posed by the dye essential to be used for an angiography. In this situation, I was requested to undergo a dialysis to lessen the creatnine levels, but I was adamant to get the cells injected via Intravenous Administration (IV). The idea was to give the cells by IV and see how much advantage I can derive from it. If I do derive advantage and the cretanine levels do drop, the hospital staff had planned to repeat the therapy for further drops till the level reaches in controlled confines to deliver cells intra-arterial way. I was discharged in the evening and reported no post technique complications. This obviously shows us that the headway of the disease had stopped and the drop in creatinine levels specifies start of the healing process of the impaired kidneys. Further follow-ups were planned in one month and contingent on the condition of my health, another round of therapy will be advised.