Johnson, 41 year old gentleman from Melbourne was diagnosed with COPD in his early 30s. In the initial years, he felt he was just weak when he was not able to participate in sports or do out-of-doors activities, but hostile health conditions in the year 2018 led him to explore about stem cells treatment and finally decided to visit India through Viezec. In May of 2018, he received the stem cells injection and was instantaneously feeling very good. He continued to feel good and little by little he felt much better. He stated “I noticed that my stamina and breathing ability was much better. Every month I felt better and had amplified stamina. I am not running any competitions and I still look after myself but I use much less medications now. I can only hope that I keep refining in health with each passing day. Viezec centre was just wonderful; very specialized in everything they do. I was so fortunate to have been able to opt for this treatment here.