Mr. Terry Fernandez was 52 years old when he was spotted with the Type 1 Diabetes. As he was a fit and healthy chap, it was quite appalling news for his family and friends as well. Considering it as a conventional disease, Mr. Terry started to go through the traditional treatment to control his diabetes. Even though, he was never been enlightened by his medical experts with regard to what precautions he should take to avert another impediments related with the disease. This unluckily led him to suffer a severe wound on his right leg. After few years of struggling with diabetes epidemic, he planned to contact Viezec for the diabetes stem cell treatment. He got the treatment and with the right dosage of therapy, he started showing healing signs, including his leg being healed very speedily. He is now much better in health and he wants to thank the whole team of Viezec for the kind of compassion and help they has shown. He was unaware of the things here in India and the team helped him a lot  in every way possible.