My name is Linda from the USA. I got a successful treatment for my kidney cancer in Delhi, because the treatment in my home nation exceeded my budget. I was diagnosed with this cancer 4 months ago and my friend suggested contacting Viezec in Delhi for further assistance on kidney cancer surgery at affordable rates. The team of Viezec was welcoming and supportive and was quick in replying to my queries and concerns. They gave me an appointment at very short notification and at a reasonable price. I flew to Delhi and had a first consultation with the expert in the clinic. He assessed my case and clarified the whole treatment procedure and conceivable side-effects as well comprehensively. Subsequently, a MRI scan and a CT scan were taken for the precise treatment scheduling. Some days later, my first treatment session started and the surgery was successful. After the surgery, I was able to get back to normal life with nil side effects. The non-invasive and painless techniques used in the surgery and the whole compassionate team of the hospital as well as Viezec made me feel safe and comfy during my stay in India.