Pierra Tirekon from Africa was a healthy, full of life tennis player and runner in her mid-forties. Four months of doctor-ordered bed rest because of a complicated pregnancy altered everything. When Pierra was in conclusion permitted out of bed, the first thing she observed was an agonizing pain in her buttocks. Whether she was trying to play tennis or merely sitting on the sofa, the pain was unbearable and ultimately spread to her other hip too. Traditional treatment began with some examinations that included MRIs, x-rays, a head exam and assessments for arthritis. Inept to identify the main reason of her pain, Pierra underwent recurrent therapies and surgeries. Regrettably, these treatment approaches only provided provisional respite. Eyeing for a long-standing solution to her aching, Pierra sought out a consultation for stem cell treatment from Viezec. After five sittings of this treatment, she says that she is healed and pain-free to a great extent.  It is like a miracle to wake up in the morning and not feel agonizing pain any longer. Nowadays, she is back to relishing an energetic and healthy lifestyle and also do running, tennis, low-impact sports, etc.