We are from Bangladesh. My 53-year-old wife Shazia was detected with Alzheimer’s disease 1.5 years back and it happened so hurriedly and without a care that we all were much traumatized. Several doctors in our nation recommended that she had Alzheimer’s and it is in the initial stage so one of our family physicians recommended us to take her to India for stem cell treatment. I investigated on the internet for the varied centers providing Stem cell treatment for this condition and I happened upon the Stem Cell Care India. After a transitory discussion and consultation with the crew of this centre over a few weeks, we made up our mind to take my wife to this center in India for her stem cell therapy for Alzheimer’s. From day 1 till her last day of treatment, we got gigantic support and attention from the crew of experts in SCCI and after the prosperous treatment we are back in our nation and my wife is under post-therapy chapter and we can see loads of improvement in her situation.