While increasing in popularity, the stem cell treatment is not considered as a standard practice by the sports medicine doctors which are not covered and fall under the category of insured companies Patients consider the fact that they have to pay the medical bills out-of-pocket. Stem cell treatment for sports injuries in India are aided by the best doctors from the most reputed hospitals.

What Types of Sports Injuries Are Treated with Stem Cells?

Stem cells are used to treat a wide variety of sports injuries, including damage to:

  • Tendons
  • Ligaments
  • Muscles
  • Cartilage

These injuries may be due to a one-time trauma or chronic overuse.

Stem cell treatment for sports injuries in India can be applied to an injured area via:

  • A surgeon may apply the stem cell treatment directly to the torn ligament and tendon, or bone which is being repaired.
  • A surgeon may either stitch together the torn muscle, ligament, or tendon with the help of a thread-like material which is coated in stem cells. When administering injections, many physicians use ultrasound or other medical imaging to ensure cells are delivered precisely to the site of damaged tissue.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are not the same as skin cells, muscle cells, liver cells, or any other human cells. The thing that makes stem cells special is the reason and the fact that they can divide and duplicate themselves well. The different types of cell develop, the stem cells don’t necessarily serve a specific bodily function.

Many of the physicians who use stem cell treatment for sports injury in Delhi, has the prowess to transform the stem cells into something magnificent and great treatment.

Stem Cells from Patients

In almost every case, the stem cells that are highly used in the sports medicine which comes from the patient. The process of accumulating the stem cells is often known as harvesting. The Physicians usually harvest the stem cells from the patient’s fat, blood, or bone marrow.

  • During the surgery or the procedure of liposuction a doctor can treat and work well by harvesting adipose or better known as stem cells.
  • A blood sample can be utilized well to harvest peripheral blood stem cells, this is present in the bloodstream.
  • Doctors usually prefer harvesting the bone marrow stem cells from the pelvic bone with utilizing a needle and syringe. The process is called bone marrow aspiration.


We use the matchless technology of Mesenchymal stem cells mined from Wharton’s jelly (WJ) for treating Brain Injury. WJ-MSCs offer economical and pain-free collection technique that might be cryogenically stockpiled and are tremendously advantageous for tissue engineering purpose. The treatment will come about in four steps which consist of:

Qualification for the treatment: Our specialists will probe your past medical history and symptoms to gauge the severity of your condition. A series of examinations will be implemented to comprehend the phase of disease. There will be pre-treatment evaluations and pre-operative evaluations. According to the test outcomes, our specialists will recommend the patient for further course of the process.

Source Extraction: With supervision and approval from the doctor, the source of extraction will be decided. On the whole, WJ-MSCs are the most potent allogenic sources obtainable. Stem cells from a healthy individual (the donor) are transported to the patient’s body. A bone marrow donor is considered for allogenic stem cell transplantation. A scraping from the interiors of the patient and his or her sibling’s cheek is tested to ascertain the tissue type. A professional will scrutinize to identity Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLAs). If the HLA on the donor cells are identical or alike, the transplant is more likely to be prosperous.

Laboratory Processing: The extracted samples will be sent to government approved cGMP lab for processing. The sample management will take place in an ultramodern facility in defiance with the ISO and GMP standards and using the newest technologies. The customer will receive a third party certificate from globally accredited lab for quality purpose.

Stem Cell Implantation: Once the stem cells are prepared to be implanted, the physician will pinpoint the most potent technique of infusion centered on the patient’s physical and mental well-being.

Brain Injury Stem Cell Treatment Aftercare: in this stage, the patient will be asked to visit the doctor. The doctor might recommend some rehabilitation programmes such as communication and social interaction, physiological counseling and further assessment.

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